My Misadventures in Skyrim… Horses and Stormcloaks

My first horse drowned. Yup. I thought they could swim. Lesson learned. My second horse was eaten by a dragon… or chewed on then thrown. Whatever, it died by a dragon going om nom nom on it. my third horse just ran away.  apparently it had gotten word about my previous horses and ran away. I would too.

So I was exploring the countryside when I saw the familiar bear-claw icon on my compass.  Since I am not of the Stormcloaks. I have not sided with the empire either, but I was previously attack by some Stormcloaks for getting too close to them so every time I stumble upon an encampment I exact revenge for my own reasons.  I took the long way around to get into position on top of a cliff that overlooked the camp. I found the perfect sniper spot, jumping over a wide gap to a rocky ledge with a few scrub trees. There’s no way a melee fighter could get to me, since NPCs don’t jump. I managed to kill 2 Stormcloaks without being discovered. When shooting at the third guy, I missed a few shots and hit one of their horses. I saw the horse run away, but was too busy focusing on the remaining Stormcloaks, who now had their bows out and were shooting back. After a long archer battle, I managed to kill the last three, but in the process I took a few arrows myself, and my health was low. I scanned the camp and didn’t see any remaining enemies, and was about to proclaim victory when I hear a rustling in the grass behind me … I turn around just in time to see the angry horse plant a hoof in my face, killing me and sending me rag dolling down the cliff.

I reload instead of trying to be sneaky this time I just charge in with lightning blazing, after about three volleys of chain lightning I had downed 2/3rds of the storm cloaks and I got the rest with my swords. I continued on to my objective to get some tree sap from the underground tree so I could save some tree in Whiterun. first though I had to obtain this dagger, this special dagger would allow me to get some sap from this ancient tree. apparently the bark on this tree cannot be cut with just any weapon it’s that tough.  however this dagger is in the hands of some witch …. great I thought, first vampires then werewolves now witches! when I found their camp I was sadden to find out these witches are not the broom riding variety but the fireball throwing variety. I need to know where these people are getting their fire flowers from I want to lob fire balls too! I knew I would be useless at range so I pull my katana and tanto and rush them the first three took about 1/3rd of my health all that was left was the lead witch or in skyrim know as “Hag” at this point I was not in any mood to fight a “boss” I rush in anyway and luck was on my side. critical hit cinematic! probably one of the coolest cinematic scenes I have had  (couldn’t find YouTube video). in the scene I grabbed the hag with my left hand I roll my katana in my right hand and thrust down through the neck of the hag instantly killing her … there was blood and lots of it.

I retrieved the dagger and on to the tree! after getting the sap and returning to Whiterun wondering what my reward was going to be … that stupid dagger was my reward … WTF what am I going to do with a dagger that is used to get tree sap!?

Best I have felt in a very long time.

this week has been a great week, simply for the fact that I have felt better that I have in a very long time. for the first time I can say I love my job, I love what I am doing. I have not been overly stress about anything. I have been writing more I have actually been working on my art more as well though none of it is complete enough to share.  I have found a muse someone that has inspired me and when I think about them I just want to keep moving forward they are a great friend to me and if you are reading this thank you! you may not think of if the same way I do, but I am glad to have you around!

the fact that lately I have been in a very foul mood and somewhat depress about everything. Being in this good mood and high spirits has been great and I hope it decides to stick around longer. my dreams have normalized (kind of) I am not running for my life. they are still weird, but they have returned in beauty in their settings.

You might have noticed the lack of minecraft post well I’m taking a break from minecraft and started playing Star Wars the Old Republic , it is a lot of fun and playing a sith character has been fun. I don’t have to be Mr. nice guy and I can run around causing havoc and no one thinks twice about it. plus the dark side has cookies ..

I have also started playing Skyrim again. I had forgotten how much fun that game was, slaying dragons and trying not to take an arrow to the knee which apparently if you are a city guard that is a prerequisite. I am sure it is probably on the application. the other night playing I stumbled upon another dragon I was like alright let’s do this as I got closer those something felt wrong next thing I know there was a dragon priest, which is apparently equipped with the fire staff of “f*ck your shit up” because after 4 hits from his damn fireball I was dead … after reloading I decided to stay away from that mountain. decided to do another dungeon while in this dungeon I was attacked by a damn vampire and got vampirism or Sanguinare Vampiris  as they call it didn’t realize it until after a few more days that’s when something wasn’t right …  I was getting  a message saying “You feel strangely weakened by the sunrise“. At sunset,  “You feel a strange thirst come over you” well crap I thought … after Google searches I found out I was an eff’n vampire and I also found out I could cure it! so I spent a good couple of hours getting my cure … I also learned that you can only get Sanguinare Vampiris from their ranged attacks so now when I come across a vampire i rush it and go melee on its ass.

so be prepared to read more about my Skyrim adventures I’m sure they will be hilarious.

whats in your world?

In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.

We’ve all woken up from weird dreams and wondered what they mean. In one part of my dream I was driving and my car ran off the road and kept going and going and I said to myself, “Oh well, if you can’t stop it just relax and go with it.” And that’s what I did. And the car came to a stop and I got out and started admiring the beautiful view. then I noticed someone I wanted to talk to but she started to run away and I followed in chase.  then I was at a house, but it looked different as with most dreams. It looked more like ruins right in the middle of a thick forest, and instead of low fences, the area was surrounded by high stone walls. I stood in the center of the house, and in front of me was a vast overgrown garden, with crawling plants covering most of the stone walls. I turned and realized that there was a ladder right next to me that led to a dark and creepy basement, and then I was told by the woman I was chasing in the dream that no one went down to the basement because there was a crocodile who is always hungry and would attack anyone or anything alive that came near it.

To escape the area I climbed over the walls using the vines that grew along it as I jumped to the ground on the other side There are wheat fields all around… just field after field as far as the eye can see… much like the scene at the end of gladiator. I’m there with this female I had been chasing and I couldn’t put my finger on it as to who she was this entire dream I kept thinking to myself “I know her what is her name” .. we started walking together and we came to a house. we started  walking right into this house and go up the stairs. Inside there’s a skittish guy who’s seen or done something that has greatly distressed him, and seeing us freaks him out even more. He can’t figure out what to do with us and he’s mostly just bouncing around the room trying to figure out what to do. I walk up to him and knock him out and that was that we walked back out into the fields. This girl I’m with starts talking to me about the wheat fields, and at this point I interject “so this is the part where you tie this allegory together and try to make sense of this movie?” and she laughs and concedes that’s where she was going. I walk with her some more then she stops I continue and look back and ask why she isn’t coming. she just smiles at me and waves. I tell her “I will come back” , but she tells me that she won’t be there. She then vanishes and I’m standing alone the world changed yet again to an unknown world.  I turn take an arrow to the knee, at this point I yell “damn it skyrim! f*ck your arrows”

I wake up with a cramp in my leg …

Never Forget Who You Are

As life goes on you are subjected to many different influences. Sometimes you take a wrong turn or end up on the wrong path which causes you to lose track of who you are. There are way too many people in this world who want to take advantage of you or use you for their own gains. People will lie to you, trick you and abuse your honesty if you let them. It’s of course crazy to be paranoid that everyone is out to get you but it’s always good to be cautious of the intentions of others. Simple things like having a roof over your head, the freedom to travel or walk around your city without being shot or arrested, food on the table, loving friends and family etc. are what you should be grateful for every day. When things get difficult I like to see them as a test of some sort. It may be a test of patience, a test of belief or faith or a test of determination. This allows you to rationalize the difficulties you’re facing so that you can stop worry and focus all your energy on getting through the test as best you can. If you believe in something, don’t let others talk you out of it. Avoid negative people and nay-sayers but if you have to, stand up for what you believe in. Be prepared to fight for it.

Always remember who you are and where you came from. If your current life path is putting you in situations that you’re not happy with, make drastic changes and get back to the person who you are.

Making someones day

It doesn’t happen very often that i get to make someones day, and the fact that i made them smile means the world to me. when we smile it brightens the day not only for yourself but for everyone around you. now-a-days you don’t get the helping hand from strangers much anymore because society has made people a wreck and chaotic.

i guess you could say i am a rarity these days. yeah it may cost me some change but if i can make you smile well that’s enough for me. a simple gift with a simple note is all it takes and with technology you can be miles apart to make that gift happen. showing some one that they mean enough to you to do something to brighten their day and not expect anything in return …

why pride myself in my geekness?

I was asked this question: “why do you pride yourself on being a Nerd or Geek? it stands you out of the crowd.”

unfortunately the being answered their own question .. but I went further. “to stand out!” I said. I don’t want to be a part of a crowd that doesn’t understand me for who I am. just because I’m not part of your crowd and you as a person can not accept me as a person I don’t want to be in your crowd .. It isn’t that other people are necessarily dumb, and that I am smarter than them. it is that they don’t have the tendency to apply their minds to tasks presented to them. So, on the contrary, I feel as though being a nerd/geek is the highest honor one can receive. No king, or prince, or one of power can replace the feeling of knowledge stored in one’s brain.  I love being a nerd because I know I am going somewhere in life. I have a plan and a future ahead, with goals and opportunities resting at every corner I turn, and no amount of anything will take that away from me. The more information I store in my head, and the more I extensively use said knowledge to complete my goals that is why I am proud to be who I am.

Another kicker is the notion that nerds talk about nothing but nerd-related topics. If I did that, I would never get a date in my life — that chip gets turned off the moment I pull out the chair at the restaurant. We do have a standard life, you know? It’s a matter of interests over someone’s life, and yes, some take it to that extreme level. I am not one of them nor do I belittle them for doing it. i watch/collect anime, read fantasy novels, work on computers, game both tabletop and video, and as a 28 year old I still get excited about new lego sets. I AM GEEK!

thoughts of dreams and memories

My memories lay printed on sheets of paper,
Stored in the drawer of my mind.

As the years go by and time fades away,
and the ink dissipates.

a foreign gust of wind comes,
Each day getting stronger.

Closer and closer,
stronger and stronger,

Until that very last moment,
the wind turns.

My memories scatter…
lost in the oceans of dreams


I sat down to day trying to remember something and for the life of me i couldn’t remember what it was, lately it seems that i dont remember much. a lot i know has to do with me not wanting to remember my child hood is very patchy and a lot about my childhood i dont want too either. I have been in a writing mood for several days and many of you know of a project ive been furiously working trying to get it finished. My fear is that if id didnt finish it it would disappear much like all my other project i try to start and this last project was important to me. those reasons are my own and not to be shared. i was inspired by a dream that dream had elements in that told me to do this … this dream was just awesome and a blessing from a really bad incident that will remain unspoken of. it put me on a high i had energy ive been smiling everyday and and i used that energy in a project that now lays dormant until i decide whether i want to share it. at this time i dont feel the need to share it with everyone it bring enough joy to me knowing i completed it and thats all i need at this time.