whats in your world?

In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.

We’ve all woken up from weird dreams and wondered what they mean. In one part of my dream I was driving and my car ran off the road and kept going and going and I said to myself, “Oh well, if you can’t stop it just relax and go with it.” And that’s what I did. And the car came to a stop and I got out and started admiring the beautiful view. then I noticed someone I wanted to talk to but she started to run away and I followed in chase.  then I was at a house, but it looked different as with most dreams. It looked more like ruins right in the middle of a thick forest, and instead of low fences, the area was surrounded by high stone walls. I stood in the center of the house, and in front of me was a vast overgrown garden, with crawling plants covering most of the stone walls. I turned and realized that there was a ladder right next to me that led to a dark and creepy basement, and then I was told by the woman I was chasing in the dream that no one went down to the basement because there was a crocodile who is always hungry and would attack anyone or anything alive that came near it.

To escape the area I climbed over the walls using the vines that grew along it as I jumped to the ground on the other side There are wheat fields all around… just field after field as far as the eye can see… much like the scene at the end of gladiator. I’m there with this female I had been chasing and I couldn’t put my finger on it as to who she was this entire dream I kept thinking to myself “I know her what is her name” .. we started walking together and we came to a house. we started  walking right into this house and go up the stairs. Inside there’s a skittish guy who’s seen or done something that has greatly distressed him, and seeing us freaks him out even more. He can’t figure out what to do with us and he’s mostly just bouncing around the room trying to figure out what to do. I walk up to him and knock him out and that was that we walked back out into the fields. This girl I’m with starts talking to me about the wheat fields, and at this point I interject “so this is the part where you tie this allegory together and try to make sense of this movie?” and she laughs and concedes that’s where she was going. I walk with her some more then she stops I continue and look back and ask why she isn’t coming. she just smiles at me and waves. I tell her “I will come back” , but she tells me that she won’t be there. She then vanishes and I’m standing alone the world changed yet again to an unknown world.  I turn take an arrow to the knee, at this point I yell “damn it skyrim! f*ck your arrows”

I wake up with a cramp in my leg …

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