playing battlefield 3 competitively

I believe it’s this love of watching People the game, and having  a great group of clan members that entices me to play it more. I haven’t been this pumped to play a video game multi-player since back in the days of our beloved Goldeneye Fests and Perfect Dark Events (old archived Goldeneye Fest event post via kartmaster). The only other time i “competed” for anything was at TigerLAN at FHSU. there i played Counter-strike 1.6 and one year we almost took the championship and were out done by high-school students. this is when i decided that maybe FPS gaming wasn’t for me anymore i was getting older and decided that i would only stick to my RPG and MMOs. that was in the form of guild wars and Ever-quest 2. don’t get me wrong i still played FPS just not like i use to. when my buddies i got together for our small LAN parties we would play Battlefield 2, L4D, UT2k4, and UT GOTY. but i was never really that excited about them. Also i was playing a lot more console games and such. In the last year i joined a gaming clan i hadn’t been in a clan in years. the main reason for that is because being in a clan demands can be somewhat high and demanding and very strict rules. For the Talon Clan( they were more relaxed and laid back yes we have rules and are strict in some areas. especially when it comes to our game nights wed and sat we are only allowed to play core games on those nights. i was recently asked if i would like to part take in an eSport team playing Battlefield 3 and i accepted.  what i thought was always part of the talon clan turned out not to be a part of them and a whole shit storm turned up and for good reason, but i wasn’t going to choose sides these are my friends and i’m not going to choose one side or the other. so here i thought all this time getting pumped up only to have everything get brought down so i decided with out really thinking anything through and just got pissed off and quit both the team and Talon Clan.

Apparently in the two hour span of me quitting and just going offline, the council came up with a compromise and i was ask to not resign, apparently in the short time that i have been in the clan i have become and valuable member of the clan (according to our elder) and that means more to me than anything else. so i decided i had made a mistake and went back to the clan. they decided that the toxic rangers would be a section of the Talon Clan a special ops section that would be held to higher standards and more strict rules which is understandable but at the same time holding the same values and ethics of The Talon Clan. it wasnt until recently that i was recording our game nights and posting them to our forums i wanted to get better and its helped a lot to improve my game play and my clan mates give me great advise and i listen to them, but its very hard to break old habits and i’ve been working on them. my BF3 stats have greatly improved. My K/D ratio is in the 80 percentile which is a vast improvement to 40 percentile in battlefield bad company 2. also with BF3 the new class system is great i mainly play support which means i carry the LMGs and i offer out ammo (which is something i’m working on throwing out ammo cases). Play the class and earned me the name spray noob. playing on a server once and i bunkered in and started throwing suppression fire so my squad could flank. basically this mean i have 200 rounds an i just lay on the trigger not even aiming and the enemy ran out into my line of fire and died. they started calling me a spray noob.  most of my points however come from suppression fire. when you get a kill you get 100 points, in the last round i played i was getting 50 points suppression and 50 points damage equal to a kill. what does this mean … my K/D may not be high but my points show otherwise.

being this excited to compete again has me all nervous at the same time. this is also something i’ve always wanted to do and that is to play competitively. We play to have fun, and we play to Win! What’s at stake for our Matches are sponsorship’s for Toxic Rangers, Cash prizes and above all Honor! wish me luck!


Server Crash!

I woke up this morning and had a few mins to spare and so i decided i was going to log into my buildcraft server and check up on my quarry. behold i get the dreaded “Server not found!” error. i’m like its right there see! there is the console window right there ….  first thought to my mind ok lets just restart the server …. i issue the stop command and it just sits there ….. i look at my CPU usage java is sitting at all most 85% of my quad core …. i’m like something not right … back to the console still just sitting there now i’m getting not responding and i was forced to kill the process. great now i bet my world is now corrupt i relaunch the server … sure enough its corrupt. its a good thing i got that video recorded last night. good news is you guys will get to see me re build my power plant and i think ill make a slightly smaller quarry because i think that what caused the corruption.

Buildcraft mod

i started a new server using the buildcraft mod. I must say i really like this mod and its a lot of fun to over the next week this is all im going to be playing with is the buildcraft mod and we will see how it turns out.

also i built a new house on my new server here it is day and night …

now thats what i call mining

me and a buddy spent several hours mining out this entire section tonight. sometimes i wonder if i play too much minecraft then im reminded there is no such thing as too much minecraft … ive been looking into some different plugins for my server i think im going to introduce buildcraft on one of them and the other i think ill introduce heroes its and RPG like plugin. ive been wanting to get more in to adventuring with minecraft and since i lost my minecraft single player worlds all i have left is my server worlds.

stripped mined


stripped mined 2


then my furnaces in full force after gathering all the resources. i can tell you one thing coal is the most abundant, followed by iron and after all this we only had one stack of 64 diamonds