seriously ….

I blog about stuff. That is pretty much it. I’m not a great writer or a deep thinker.

I am a Computer Geek

who likes to write on his blog … i dont expect to make a change to the world through any of my wirtings its basically and outlet for me to vent, share, and enjoy memories of my life …

My journal here is a way of communicating, which is one of the most powerful drives humans possess. I have thought long and hard about this. But I don’t believe that blogging, my kind of blogging anyway, is about narcissism. I do not write because I think that I am such a fascinating and wonderful person that I owe it to the world to share my every thought, emotion, and daily event. For me it is a social past time. I do have actual, “real-life” friends. So why should I feel the need for “virtual” friends and acquaintances? the simple answer is that, it is lonely being at home alone.

The complicated answer is that technology has brought us social isolation. Cell phones, email, and the internet enable us to work and carry on with the business of life without the need for face to face, human contact. This desire to reach out and connect with others is inherent in human-nature. To me, that is what blogging is all about. If blogging is by definition narcissistic, then so are all friendships and relationships; that I refuse to believe.

one of my many hobbies…

is RC vehicles.

one of the models i like to tinker with and it doesnt require much to maintian or even drive them … they are called ZipZaps SE they are roughly the size of a hot wheels car only slightly bigger at around 1/64 scale. these things are alot of fun

this is my mustang zipzap mod

this is my mustang zipzap mod

now awhile back matt picked me up an upgrade pack for the zipzap that had the body shell of the 1983–1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno (Corolla for those in the states) but at the time i didnt know where my zipzap model was i assumed it had been lost in the several moves i have participated in.  well i found it tucked away in stoarage at my parents i was going through boxes throwing stuff away i didnt need any more.

my AE86 Treuno

my AE86 Trueno

update of my status

im still unemployed and looking for a job …. also still single so any of you wealthy [actually “wealthy” is jsut a plus not necessary ;)] beautiful ladies out there are in need of a real man contact me…

ive been spending some time at my parents … also ive been taking some photos too to pass some of the time ill have some new photos here is a sample of what i have coming


welcome to Southwest Kansas

Woot! got an interview…

last night at about 10 pm i found my self online scouring the internet filling out applications. i had jsut finished up one app and had it submitted … decided it was prolly about time to retire for the night .. this morning i was up at 9 am finishing up what i had left to do last night. at about 10:30 i recieved a call … it was from the last place i had finished up lastnight and here i was not more than 12 hours later setting up and interview on friday morning! so wish me luck i will need it!

Looking for a… job

i joined the ranks of of the unemployed today …. it sucks alot

ive went out grabbed abunch of aplication to places and filled them out left my resume out there but not alot i can do no one is hireing so i made a trip to the unemployment office and applied for it … so we will see… you might be seeing a new homeless bum running around town its a good possibility. the photo project has been put on hold until further notice … im sorry guys but i have to put my resources to better use than a hobby so day it may return. ill continue to blog like i always have hell ill prolly be blogging more.

so if you know any one looking to hire a pc tech/webdesigner shoot towards me or my site

thanks guys … biebs out

what have i been up too?

well not a lot really just getting over being sick with allergies also i started a new website decided its time to make it public still working on it, but its enough to get by with …

say hello to

think of it as a digital hub to me … haha! when i saw that was available for sale .. i just couldn’t give up the opportunity to own that domain … i wanted that domain back when i bought biebs’ world but it wasn’t available but not just a few weeks ago it was so i snatched it up.

later this week ill have a blog post made up and such about some other things that are going on and will make a bit of a change in my life … but i cant talk about it yet … not until we have been given the ok to make it public. so stay tuned on that.

and i’ll leave you with a quote… “Life is simple, its just not easy.”