one of my many hobbies…

is RC vehicles.

one of the models i like to tinker with and it doesnt require much to maintian or even drive them … they are called ZipZaps SE they are roughly the size of a hot wheels car only slightly bigger at around 1/64 scale. these things are alot of fun

this is my mustang zipzap mod

this is my mustang zipzap mod

now awhile back matt picked me up an upgrade pack for the zipzap that had the body shell of the 1983–1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno (Corolla for those in the states) but at the time i didnt know where my zipzap model was i assumed it had been lost in the several moves i have participated in.  well i found it tucked away in stoarage at my parents i was going through boxes throwing stuff away i didnt need any more.

my AE86 Treuno

my AE86 Trueno

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