Return of Biebscast

as you can see Biebscast has returned !!

except i seem to have lost the first biebscast episode =(, but i have some ideas, hope fully they work, also if i can i want to get some guest to appear on the show as well. so until later enjoy the show!!!

My Humble Home

my house

its a small house 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

as you come in you see this yes its still messy but im still getting things arranged. you can also see my kitchen here as well not much to it and my as of right now computer desk =P until i can get the computer room up and going this will have to do.

as you come in

next my living room which you cant see very well from the first pic. notice my window shades on my door =P i had to do something there was a horrible glare on my monitors

Living Room

last but not least my bedroom nothing special


Not pictured my bathroom and the other bedroom the other bed room looks like my room only full of boxes and crap. this room will become the computer room once i can either build or buy some work benches and desks.


i think this makes me a bit more angry than the kid getting arrested for the video game…..

Weight Grade on Report Cards

being over weight is a problem here in the states, i’m not exception I AM OVERWEIGHT! However a day doesnt go by that i’m not aware of it and i’m not so over weight that it hinders my everyday life. I walk to class every day from my house up flights of stairs each day and i’m still overweight. I don’t exercise regularly …why you might ask well i have asthma, and its not just asthma its active induced asthma or more commonly know as exercise-induced asthma this mean i have to carry a rescue inhaler around at all times just playing a good game of ping-pong and set off my asthma its not fun. also this stupid inhaler i carry around has steroids in it its a small dose, however its still enough to effect you. i try to eat as well as i can but as a college student that doesn’t work all that well sometimes. my plan is as soon as i get moved home I’m going to change my diet because I’ll have time to do so.

ok back to the article above enough about me. Having a BMI on a report card definitely hurts the kids. i mean going home to tell you parents you are over weight ..when you are prolly already aware of it because kids make fun of you ever day. that BMI doesn’t help the self-esteem at all. i mean i don’t even have kids, but I’m offended by this and understand how stupid this really is…

This pisses me off…

student removed from school

It’s not a fear of terrorism that drives this sort of thing, or even a fear for our children. It’s a fear of our children. We’re so scared of the little guys that the instant they bring school into their video game hobby, we freak out.

This kid doesn’t deserve to be arrested. He doesn’t deserve to be thrust into “Alternative Education”. He deserves to have someone ask him why he built the school in a video game

(And someone should offer him constructive criticism on his level building techniques.) =P

Last days….

today marks an event i thought i would never see ….my last day of official classes week is finals week and ill be done by next Thursday.

over the last 5 years i have been attending college at Fort Hays State University in Hays KS and its been quite an adventure full of hardships, surprises, happiness, and sadness. ive made friends and ive made enemies. memories i share with other will always remain. I can atleast say this i may not be a genius in a conventional way i may not have a nothing more than an average IQ. i didnt make strait A’s through out college, i failed some classes others ive barely skimmed through, and to all you out there that thought i would never make something of myself – you were wrong.

I also need to thank those out there for helping me through the trying times of college, especially you Matt even though you are 2 hours, 140 miles away, you were always there for me. Matt P. for being the best roommate and friend i ever made here in Hays. His wife Mindi, I will always remember how easy it was to make you mad, Matt and I enjoyed that sometimes just a lil too much. =P Corey and Brett and all the other PCC Pong experts for introducing me to slam pong, ultimate pong, and doubles.

thanks to every one even if i didnt mention just know ill never forget …you all wont let me because who else is going to fix your computers?