yet again …

net_neutrality_poster“The project would let cable and satellite TV subscribers watch up-to-date cable shows on the Web, and possibly on mobile phones, for free possibly as soon as this summer, the sources said. The idea is to give customers added flexibility to view their favorite shows. It is also seen as a preemptive strike against possible ‘cord-cutting’ of video services, particularly by younger subscribers used to watching other programs online.”

U.S. cable, programmers set for Web TV by summer

this move will here by make services like Hulu and youtube Illegal most likely once the content providers start offering to give this content to their customer base, they will go after the online services and shut them down because they are “stealing.” Now I’m not saying this is what is going to happen but if you just look back at whats been going on the conglomerates are following a trend the adopt new technology set it up to make money only offer to ppl one way and over price the service them go after the services that provide it free because its stealing from them.

Never underestimate Cable Co’s ability to keep customers trapped to their ridiculous subscriptions loaded with garbage channels no one watches. we get to watch how some of the most hated and unnecessary companies in the world threaten, litigate and legislate their way into a new revenue stream that the consumer then forced to accept.

Here’s where net neutrality becomes even more important than ever… If they can start wedging out the “real” content sites once the ISP’s start providing their own content, then we’re going to have some difficult times ahead for the Internet.

the copyrights are worth more…

…than your human rights

Ive been following The Pirate Bay trial that been swarming all over the place. this also goes back to my previous post about the ways of the dinosaur. content providers as well as our friends in the recording/movie industry are trying to make it next to impossible to enjoy the content they produce because they feel that they need more money, i mean apparently they dont own enough lear jets… i came across this cartoon at the pirate bay.