Wii Hackin’

for quite awhile now i’ve been running the homebrew channel on my Wii. this channel allows for homebrew application to be ran on the Wii. i mainly used it for loading up my NES emulator to play NES games on my Wii. well over the last week i’ve been wanting to hack my Wii to load my game backups from my harddrive, but i’ve been reluctant to do it in fear of bricking my Wii since my Wii is considered a “new” model made in 2008 to present. The issue with these models is you can not load bootmii as a boot option, therefore, if you brick your Wii no way to recover it. there has been some advancement on this front though with the introduction of priiloader.

i had watched several youtube videos and read several guides i still wasnt 100% sure i wanted to attempt this. that was until i found this guide: CompleteSoftmodGuide and with the help of a lifehicker guide for installing the usbloader and formatting my drive. i convinced my self i could do this. now ppl will say that this should only take 20 mins; it took me two hours because i triple checked everything.

so now i have a fully hacked Wii and ive installed some memory hacks that will prevent my console from being updated now and all my hard work getting deleted.

USB wifi dongle waveguide

so i was surfing the web this morning and came across this post of at instructables: USB waveguide

i decided to make one and see for my self how well these work. to my surprise it works quite well. when over at my brothers house you can pick up a weak signal from my parents house you can get 1 to 2 bars of signal with my internal wifi card. after hooking up this waveguide with the external USB dongle i get almost a full signal.

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