Biebsworld is not working correctly

well unfortuanly im almost back up and running but one of my plugins will not work- so the site might go up and down for the next few days as i trouble shoot this problem.

EDIT:still crippled go to for updates until i can fix my problem i have zeroed it down to some faulty code in one of my plugins.

if its not chocolate…

… what the hell is it


if you look in the picture above you will notice they are Chocolate Chip “flavored” cookies …..

ummm if those arnt real chocolate chips what are they. I mean if the cookies are artificially flavored like chocolate chips why are there what appears to be chocolate chips in them i don’t think ill be sampling these anytime soon.

not an award winning shot…

but im amazed it turned out like this

in a row

as you can see here its the moon in line with Venus, then Saturn, and the star Regulus all lined up. the advantage of living in the middle of nowhere you can see the stars. after setting my camera up i was able to capture the display before the clouds covered it up, you can see the clouds starting to move over the moon.


First love is always pure
Not caused by looks or fame
Only with it comes a hope
That that person feels the same

Even though saying I love you
Is a hard thing to do
The hardest part is not hearing
Someone say I love you too

And though I feel the pain inside
Every minute of the day
I know that someday it will end
But in my heart you’ll stay

Until the day we meet again
May it be near or far
You’ll be with me till my days are through
My love, my shining star

do not stack heavy objects on top..

One of my jobs that i have obtain is a sales associate at Dollar General, which my main job there is to stock shelves when we get truck. which is not that difficult and i dont have to put up with customers when im doing truck. one thing i like about the truck is every thing comes in on a roll-tainer


you just have to roll the thing out onto the sales floor and open it an start stocking shelves well as i was pushing mine out i notice the box on the very bottom had this statement on it


with and arrow pointing toward the top. well this box was on the bottom under everything else and there was a lot of heavy boxes on top of it by the time i was able to get to see the damage the contents which happened to be three gallon jugs of water were destroyed and the water must have drained out while on the truck in transport. my manager wasn’t to pleased and called the regional manager and complained about how the ware house workers don’t pay attention so we are going to have to wait till next week to get replacement product!