server down again….

some my local linux server keeps freezing and i dont know what makes it do that. i will have to power it off and reboot it this is really starting to bug me because that server host my art blog and will soon host my art store. its running ubuntu server 9.10 or 10.4 one of those two and i cant seem to figure out what is causing it to freeze up i’m wondering if its not just over heating.  if any one may have a clue as to where if any i might find logs showing the crashes or errors

7 reasons i switched from crossloop free

to the free version of team viewer

1.I find TeamViewer faster – actually loads a remote screen faster than any browser on my system.
2. Uses fewer resources than CrossLoop.
3.Can be set as service and re-establish connection through a reboot. (Same for CrossLoop ,but not available in free version)
4.Automatic login with password
5.Has a quick connect module as well – does’nt need to be installed.
6. 2 way transfer – Not available in free version of CrossLoop (1 way only) see:
Note that file transfer does not work when both parties have a CrossLoop free account.
File transfer can be initiated if at least one of the parties is logged into a CrossLoop Pro or Home account.
7. Has Chat, Voice Chat and Video Chat

coming soon to a website near you…..

as everyone might know ive been trying to build a storefront well im 70% of the way there the store front is up and running and the testing phase is now over ive been testing it for several weeks now making sure i get all the kinks out of it before making it live. now i just need to start adding the products and turn on the payment portal. you will be able to use your credit/debit cards or paypal to make purchases.

you can head on over to or and check out the site the link up top that states “store” im going to add photos and digital artwork to be available for prints to be purchased.

so what the store and keep an eye out here at biebs’ world for when the store is live.