7 reasons i switched from crossloop free

to the free version of team viewer

1.I find TeamViewer faster – actually loads a remote screen faster than any browser on my system.
2. Uses fewer resources than CrossLoop.
3.Can be set as service and re-establish connection through a reboot. (Same for CrossLoop ,but not available in free version)
4.Automatic login with password
5.Has a quick connect module as well – does’nt need to be installed.
6. 2 way transfer – Not available in free version of CrossLoop (1 way only) see: http://www.crossloop.com/help/application_transfer
Note that file transfer does not work when both parties have a CrossLoop free account.
File transfer can be initiated if at least one of the parties is logged into a CrossLoop Pro or Home account.
7. Has Chat, Voice Chat and Video Chat