whats the ruckus all about?

yesterday my dogs were going crazy couldnt figure out what they were barking about i looked to see if someone was out side no it wasnt a person but a hawk! it appeared to have just caught something in my front yard.

a hawk in my front yard

It’s freezing outside…

The NEW! and improved UPDATE BUS!

Oh you gotta love kansas … right now its 3 degrees outside its friggin cold and the wind isn’t helping anything.

i decided to update the blog not a whole lot to talk about really other than ive install windows 7 and i must say im enjoying it with the exception of one thing …. illustrator CS3 refuses to run in windows 7. according to everything i can find there is no fix for it unless i want to down size to the 32 bit version and remove 6 gigs of ram; no thank you …. other wise i would have to update to cs4 and i do not have that kind of money.  i dont thin its fair a software developer who charges an arm and leg for their software to refuse to fix a bug unless you upgrade to their latest version its highway robbery. i would understand if the software was a decade old … but cs3 is not even 3 years old yet …  so for now im running a virtual machine that is running windows xp to run cs3. until i can afford to update to cs4 which by then cs5 will most likely be 10 years old