Too much?

some ppl say i have too much anime that i am weird …. well in ways that is true however one can never have too much anime. below is a thumbnail of my collection (click on the thumbnail to see full version) as you can see i have a lot of box sets as well you notice that spindle on top yeah that filling up with fan subs that i have downloaded and i have a few more i have yet to burn to disc. i, ladies and gents, am a collector =P


Drifting Away

At times, we all search for meaning in our lives, often in vain. Perhaps the answer is not to find meaning, but to give it?

I sometimes find I’m drifting
Through this life without effect;
I often wonder if I’m truly
Worth what I’ve been blessed.

I search through days that have been hard,
To try to understand,
The many trials that I have known,
The life that I have had.

You see me in my daily grind,
So confident and strong;
Yet when I am alone, I question
Just where I belong.

I often try too hard I find,
To analyze and guess,
To scrutinize, investigate
My life I will confess.

For somewhere deeper, there must be
Some meaning to this life,
Some way to make a difference,
Give a reason for this strife.

Is there some hidden meaning?
Some agenda to be found?
A greater purpose waiting
If I care to hang around?

It teases and it taunts me,
Always slightly out of sight;
A hazy vision out of reach,
Where darkness hides the light.

I struggle to bring clarity
To what awaits me there,
And yet this weak illusion
Always fades before my stare.

It seems the harder that I try,
To focus through the haze,
Just serves to add more questions,
Through my endless, tired gaze.

Perhaps I’m trying just too hard,
To understand it all,
For can we ever truly know
Just what we have in store?

Each incident, each moment passed,
Just adds upon the next,
But in the end, will I find truth …
Or will I be perplexed?

Perhaps I make it harder
Than it has to be sometimes,
But will my searching bring to me
My meaning over time?

Or will it leave me broken,
And confused as I feel now,
While questions bring no solitude,
To this, my wrinkled brow

OMG! WTF! BBQ?…..wha!?

ok i did some research i was curious as to why ive been seeing this all over the place and this site gave me the answers …so from now on omgwtfbbq is going to be my i dont understand quote =P


A meaningless acronym which most often stands for “Oh My God What The F*ck Barbeque.” It most likely originated on Something Awful ( It can be interpreted simply as gibberish, or used when one wants to emphasize one’s own incoherence, lack of understanding, or to mock others.

It usually has an air of mockery, specifically with regard to teenagers who a lot of use three-letter acronyms.

Example #1 (def: incoherence)

Computer Nerd #1: I mean, just because it’s https doesn’t mean it’s f*cking legit
Computer Nerd #2: Yeah, I’m sure those idiot script kiddies would love to get their hands on a secure server so they could grab some more AOL passwords before they hit up the child pr0n
Non Computer Nerd: OMGWTFBBQ please kill me

Example #2 (def: mockery)

Teenager #1: so i was all like, stacy, if u want a loser like steve for your boyfriend go ahead!!!!
Teenager #2: lol
Teenager #3: omg i can’t believe u said that!!
Cynical Generation X-er: OMGWTFBBQ

Quotes of the week.

i have two the won this week

“You home-schooled freak!” -Jake at Chat n’ Chew

“I was in a shoe store and the guys call me boss, and I said, “Ya, can i just get those sneakers in a 10?” And uh, he said, “Okay” and then he went down stairs. He came back and he said, “I don’t have a 10, I have a 9.” “Oh great, because while you were downstairs, my toes were severed off. So that works out. Normally it would be stupid for you to tell me a number different than the one I said, ’cause it goes with my body part. But given my very recent accident, you’re right on. I’ll take the 9’s and a pile of band-aids, thank you. You’re re-hired ’cause you’re a genius.” -Demetri Martin

i know that second one was long but it tied with first quote

the update bus

Update Bus

thanks matt for the use of the update bus!

well anyways now on to the updates. this semester has started off quite well. I have gotten my home theater pc almost up and running, well, it is up and running but i have to send back my case i blew up. Thats right you heard me it blew up. the case that i bought was a media pc case it had a small LCD display on it. Well the company that made the case apparently didnt wire the power cable correctly Inadvertently causing a short circuit upon power up. thankfully everything else was ok, smells like burnt LCD, but it is functional. Ill post pics later.

Also since my fiends and i have started a table tennis club ive been playing it alot lately enough that i saw fit to invest into a more study paddle and ive learned that is difficult to learn a new grip and style thats intended for this paddle. =P it will just take time!

thats it for now thanks for riding the update bus!

back in the swing of things

welp ive just started my last and final semester in college. it has been a rough ride the last 5 years, but i’m ready to start my next chapter in life. ive been looking for different opportunities with in a few different broadcasting companies mainly clear channel. i want to remain in radio doing broadcasting and production work.

so the long trek begins.