the update bus

Update Bus

thanks matt for the use of the update bus!

well anyways now on to the updates. this semester has started off quite well. I have gotten my home theater pc almost up and running, well, it is up and running but i have to send back my case i blew up. Thats right you heard me it blew up. the case that i bought was a media pc case it had a small LCD display on it. Well the company that made the case apparently didnt wire the power cable correctly Inadvertently causing a short circuit upon power up. thankfully everything else was ok, smells like burnt LCD, but it is functional. Ill post pics later.

Also since my fiends and i have started a table tennis club ive been playing it alot lately enough that i saw fit to invest into a more study paddle and ive learned that is difficult to learn a new grip and style thats intended for this paddle. =P it will just take time!

thats it for now thanks for riding the update bus!

2 thoughts on “the update bus

  1. Ahh, the ole Update Bus. There’d better not be any scratches when I get it back.

    I want to see those pics. Computer carnage is always a sight to see.

    Oh and if you’re ever not playing Pong, you need to fire up Nightfall sometime, I almost have Andrea convinced to buy it!

  2. ummm no scratches that i know of …but there is some blood spots i couldnt get washed off i hit a few ppl trying to cross the road, how dare they, why do ppl think they should be able to cross the roads?… sorry

    well its going to be a lil longer on those pics my card reader seems to have sprouted legs and walked away

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