season greetings ..boring work hours

well as some of you who may know i have to work XMAS this year i havn’t gotten a single holiday off this year all i know is when i graduate this year i had better get a full time position offer or im going else where. not sure where but somewhere.

im writing this while im at work just kinda sitting here not really doing anything just looks like im working. i enjoy working on computers, but i enjoy work at the radio station more even though im stuck at the station during xmas to “monitor” stuff. guess one good thing is the tv’s in the studios. =P

but i have a new project im working on this is only a sample thumbnail of what im thinking about doing.


wal-mart parking lot

well i have almost seen everything thing now possible in the wal-mart parking lot here in hays and i wish i hadn’t seen what i saw tonight the images still burn my eyes….

i had just finished putting my groceries in my trunk. and gotten into my car my cell phone rang it was mom i talk to her for a bit and after i hung up i was looking for my keys …and as i found them something caught my eye i looked up and in the truck park right in front of me …two ppl doing what it had appeared to be ….”having sex” …..i had a clear full picture and i wish i could poke my eyes out with a spoon.

i get my car started and backed out as quickly as i could. i cant believe where ppl will do things …a room is meant for that not the wal-mart parking lot i don’t care how dark it is out side.