why clients suck

ok you will find here a spot i cut today while at work. what i want you to listen to is the music bed. for all our spots we do for Thirsty’s pub brew and grill we have to use the same music bed which some one from Thirsty’s “professionally” produced …this music bed sux and does not flow with the spot or my voice and sounds terrible making the spot sound like crap.

Thirsty’s pub brew and grill

More updates!!!

Haha oh this should be the last site update for a while you will see a flash player to the right it currently only has 2 songs those of which my bother wrote keep checking back you might hear more randomness =P

RIAA Petitions Judges ..

..to agree to allow them to pay artist less

“Aggressively litigious group has claimed to protect musicians in the past. Now believes musicians deserve less for “innovative” music distribution.”

go visit IGN here –> to read the entire article

“We hope the judges will restore the proper balance by reducing the rate and moving to a more flexible percentage rate structure so that record companies can continue to create the sound recordings that drive revenues for music publishers.” In simple terms, they want less money in the pockets of the artists for the work they created.

i love relaxing weekends

… and that exactly what i had.

Friday i headed out to JC/Manhattan to visit Matt and Andrea. Friday night we hung out in JC becasue Matt had a remote to do that was a very interesting remote ..which im not going to go into details … lets just say i never want to experience that again and so long as i stay in Hays i wont have too =P.

Saturday we headed up to the Casino that was a fun time first time ive even been to a casino. i went in with 40 dollars lost it at blackjack after about 10 minutes or so of just standing around watching Matt and Andrea play i decided to get out my last 10 dollars and ended up leaving with $122.75. so i came out 70 dollars ahead!

Sunday was just a relaxing day Matt and I sat down and played some Final Fantasy XII (12).

It was nice not having to worry about anything at all this weekend. It was just a nice relaxing weekend.

cold weather and weekend get aways…

well we have had the cold weather and a ll snow not enough to matter … and well the weekend get away starts tomorrow friday …finally ill be able to get out for a few days and just relax right before finals start.

friday after classes are out im heading out to see matt and andrea i cant wait to see you guys its been a while my birthday i believe … and we are going to go gamble … thats right we are going to go deposit money to the local casino fund … we will be at the blackjack tables…