work in progress

EDIT: I need to make a correction i’m actually installing whats call a WAI or Warm Air Intake not a CAI (Cold Air Intake). there is a difference and let me try to explain:

Cold air intakes will produce more power, and will save gas if the engine operates only at Wide Open Throttle.

However, under 90% of driving, Warm Air Intakes are more efficient because the engine is throttled and under less than full load.

WAI does two things:

1) Fuel evaporates more quickly, increasing combustion speed. Fast burn engines improves the amount of pressure generated and expansion work available for a given amount of fuel.

2) With oxygen sensors, engines run at stoichiometric air/fuel ratios. For any given amount of fuel, a corresponding mass of oxygen is admitted. WAI lowers the density of air, meaning that a higher volume of air must be let into the engine for a given fuel input. So with WAI, the throttle must be opened further for a given output, and this lowers the “pumping” work of pulling air past the throttle.

before the filter

as you can see above thats my engine compartment of my car. its very boring i know. well i have started to piece my WAI together. however i ran into a small problem my 90 degree elbow i have is too big. so i dont have enough clearance for my hood to close. i have to find some smaller elbows.

but not all is lost i was able to at least replace the air filter!

CAI Filter

paintball … life …and all the rest

its been awhile alot has happened.

Last Friday and weekend i went and visited Carver and Emily up in P-Burg. Friday night we watched Hauru no ugoku shiro (Howl’s moving castle – USA), it was a great film, but what do you expect its a work of Hayao Miyazaki.

just to list a few of his greats you have:

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away – USA),
Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke -USA),
Majo no takkyûbin (Kiki’s Delivery Service – USA)
and last but not least
Kaze no tani no Naushika (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds – USA)

Saturday morning Carver and I went paint balling for the most part it was alot of fun except when the Baka! (japanese for idiot) high school kids that would continue to shoot you once you yelled out you were hit and got up to leave the field, oh they pissed me off, but despite the the dumb asses and the millions of mosquito bites i got it was alot of fun. later that evening we went and watched the latest harry potter movie and i must admit that the movies are getting better as they go on i was not much of a fan of the first movie but as i watched the other they just seemed to get better and better.

Sunday i slept in at least then carver, Emily, and I played Mario Kart. i was trying to unlock some stuff for them, but i found out real quick how out of practice i was with that game =P i sucked royally haha!

the rest of this week has been just a blur nothing but work and no time for anything else. i have sunday off so ill be gaming most likely; plus doing laundry! woo hoo!

also i have decided i’m saving up some cash i want to put a cold air intake on my car i can get the kit off eBay for 40 bucks shipped so i cant complain since the last shop that i had take a look at my car they were suppose to do a tune-up; broke my air filter and intake and failed to tell me so this is a major reason why i’m upgrading right now its just rigged to temporaraly fix the solution. duct tape is a life saver! =P

ready to paintball

welp ive updated the paintball kit. i bought a new marker to replace my old trusty silver eagle raptor. one lil part in this old marker of mine broke its a small pin that basically holds the gun together. i had been putting off buying the part since i’ve been in school and such and really havn’t had time to play. well i was invited to go paintballing the 14th this month and i went online to buy the part i needed to fix my marker. well the company decided to discontinue the part. it was only then available in the upgrade kit which happened to be on manufacture back order. so i decided to fore go the headache and bought a new marker.

let me introduce to you the View Loader Triton II
Triton II

Triton II

Avril sued!

Avril Lavigne is being sued by two songwriters who claim that her hit “Girlfriend” sounds like a track their pop band recorded in the 70s.

Founder of the band Rubinoos, Tommy Dunbar, filed the suit in California’s Northern Federal District Court in San Francisco on July 2.

rest of the article here

here is the song that she copied according the ones who are sueing her


here is Avril’s song


printers to get “DRM” ….

….to prevent “Ink piracy”. I’m not kidding thats what they are calling it!

Most of these cartridges are made by printer manufacturers and sell for a substantial premium. Some come from unauthorized sources, sell for substantially less and attract the attention of anti-piracy lawyers.

Cryptography Research Inc. (CRI), a San Francisco company, is developing chip technology aimed at helping printer manufacturers protect this primary source of profit. The company’s chips use cryptography designed to make it harder for printers to use off-brand and counterfeit cartridges.

rest of the article here

FTC abandons net neutrality

taking away our freedoms again

yep the interwebs is now going to be slower … it will be like dial-up all over again. unless you can afford to pay the big telcoms to have top priority for your website. this is a dark day in internet history. the day freedom begins to die as it’s slowly taken away from us.

oh by the way if you havnt figured it out biebsworlds is back up and running again.