ready to paintball

welp ive updated the paintball kit. i bought a new marker to replace my old trusty silver eagle raptor. one lil part in this old marker of mine broke its a small pin that basically holds the gun together. i had been putting off buying the part since i’ve been in school and such and really havn’t had time to play. well i was invited to go paintballing the 14th this month and i went online to buy the part i needed to fix my marker. well the company decided to discontinue the part. it was only then available in the upgrade kit which happened to be on manufacture back order. so i decided to fore go the headache and bought a new marker.

let me introduce to you the View Loader Triton II
Triton II

Triton II

2 thoughts on “ready to paintball

  1. Looks like a nice modern upgrade. Probably lighter, performs better, and more serviceable than the old Raptor. I always had nothing but trouble with that gun. Wish I would have kept my Stingray with the aftermarket barrel. That thing was deadly accurate!

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