Wiimote 1, TV 0..

i guess this is proof that the Wii is teh awesome

tv was assulted as you can see here

more detailed photos here

as you can see the strap on the Wiimote can fail and if you are not holding tightly to your Wiimote it could spell doom for your tv/wall

EDIT: just found a video located here

new kind of art =P

EDIT: click here for the text art, i couldn’t get it to display correctly on the blog

REMEMBER ONE THING : Never give up on your dreams.

People who go to college are incredible. We go to classes. We read and absorb and are comprehensively tested on heavy amounts of various materials. We sleep very little.Someone is always sick. Someone is always complaining. We think often of the past and want to go back. We know we cannot, and soon we won’t want to. We all had separate lives, families, backgrounds and pasts. We live totally different from how we used to live. We are frustrated and sometimes want to give up, but we never stop trying, and our friends won’t let us. We disregard health. We eat awful foods. We are forced to think about the future. We are scared and confused. We reach out for things, yet we don’t find them. We try to sort out our minds, which are filled with studies, worries, problems, memories, emotions–powerful feelings. We wander the campus looking for happiness, which can be found in a friend’s smile. We hurt–a lot, but a friend always tries to take the hurt away. We keep going, though, because above all else, we never stop learning, growing, changing, and most important dreaming. Dreams keep us going and they always will. All we can do is be thankful that we have something to hold onto, like dreams and each other.

new poem

..delivered in a desktop wallpaper =P

no sun

—–poem below—–
no sun
no public swimming pools
no lets go for ice cream
no barbecues
no girls in skirts (ok so im a guy, last time i checked that wasn’t a crime =P)
no tennis, cricket, or Frisbee by the lake
no snow yet for skiing

November, just a great month to stay in

EDIT:i fixed the hyperlink you should now be able to click on the picture and get the full size. sorry everyone took so long to realize i messed up the code it should now be fixed

just one of those days…..

…you know when everything goes wrong!

first i wake up late and almost didnt make to work on time. then while at the studio neither production room was working so i had to wait on the tech that took 45 mins. then i was almost late for class thanks to that. finished up from class i went to lunch then as im pulling back into the driveway of my parking spot at work my lowtire pressure sensor goes off i get out after i park and check my tire the tire i had fixed not one week ago was going flat again!

at work i get handed three request at the computing center on campus i was able to do one the others were not complete because the staff members were not in their offices and gone for the day. ok 4:30 rolls around i get my car up to the tire place that fixed it i and have to leave my car and by now my foot is killing me i have no idea why it just stated hurting and is still hurting as im writing this at 11:32 pm. i get back to the radio station to do some voicetracking for my evening shift. i get a call from the tire place they could find a leak so they replace my valve stem in hopes of fixing the problem. they did this free of charge the only good thing that has happened to me all day. ='(

…and as they say “when it rains..it pours” and today it flooded.