just one of those days…..

…you know when everything goes wrong!

first i wake up late and almost didnt make to work on time. then while at the studio neither production room was working so i had to wait on the tech that took 45 mins. then i was almost late for class thanks to that. finished up from class i went to lunch then as im pulling back into the driveway of my parking spot at work my lowtire pressure sensor goes off i get out after i park and check my tire the tire i had fixed not one week ago was going flat again!

at work i get handed three request at the computing center on campus i was able to do one the others were not complete because the staff members were not in their offices and gone for the day. ok 4:30 rolls around i get my car up to the tire place that fixed it i and have to leave my car and by now my foot is killing me i have no idea why it just stated hurting and is still hurting as im writing this at 11:32 pm. i get back to the radio station to do some voicetracking for my evening shift. i get a call from the tire place they could find a leak so they replace my valve stem in hopes of fixing the problem. they did this free of charge the only good thing that has happened to me all day. ='(

…and as they say “when it rains..it pours” and today it flooded.

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