Days of bad luck thanks to a broken laptop…

it all started when the power adapter to my yellowjacket died.

R.I.P. Yellowjacket

R.I.P. Yellowjacket

i thought i had found a replacement so i ordered it only to be sent the wrong model of power supply. so i returned that and found the adapter i needed on eBay. when i received the adapter i ordered from eBay it was working great for about 2 hours and it quit working. so i got so fed up got online and ordered a new laptop for dell.

My new laptop is a Dell Studio 15

Ruby Red Goodness

Ruby Red Goodness

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T5850 (2.16GHz/667Mhz FSB/2MB cache)
4GB DDR2 ram
Back-lit Keyboard
Hi Resolution (1920×1200), glossy widescreen 15.4 inch display
256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450
320GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit
8X Slot Load CD / DVD Burner
Sound Blaster Audigy™ Advanced HD Software Edition
Dell 1510 Wireless-N Card
Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam
Integrated Finger Print Reade

This bad boy has been shipped so im just waiting for it to arrive. stay tuned for post after i get it and had a chance to break it in =D

Using Spybot – Search & Destroy

You May have noticed that you computer might be running slower than usual also it not responding or jsut take for ever for it to start up. More than likely its cause by spyware or adware this is where Spybot Search & Destroy comes in handy.

Installing Spybot – Search & Destroy

The first step for spyware/hijacker removal is to download and install Spybot – S&D from the link below. .

Spybot – Search and Destroy

When you have downloaded the program, double click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Follow the default selections, agreeing to the user agreements, and pressing the Next button until you get to the Select Additional Task

you can put a checkmark in the last checkbox labeled “Use system settings protection (Tea Timer)”. I normally do not enable this but you can. Before you continue with the next step, let me explain what the permanent protection settings do.

SDHelper – This program will integrate into your Internet Explorer browser and block your browser from downloading “bad” programs from known malware sites.

TeaTimer – This program will constantly run on your computer in the background and notify you of any changes to system settings on your computer before they are allowed to happen.

When you are ready you can now press the Next button

you can finish this tutorial over at my tech site

how not to fix a power supply..

well my poor lappy is going to be offline for a few days the ac power adapter finally died

this thing has had some history when it first quit working i had a friend fix … since then i have re-soldered the thing 5 times …. welp tonight i found out it broke from where it was soldered to the circuit board and no way of fixing it!

a look into google chrome

so i have downloaded and install google chrome and this is what i have found….

I’ve been testing Chrome for about a week, trying out all its features.

Chrome is a smart, innovative browser that, in many common scenarios, will make using the Web faster, easier and less frustrating. But this first version — which is just a beta, or test, release — is rough around the edges. Chrome’s interface has some bold changes from the standard browser design. These new features enhance the Web experience, but they will require some adjustment on the part of users.

One of the new features of Google Chrome is application shortcuts. This cool feature allows you to create an icon on your start menu, desktop, or quick launch bar that will open directly. these can also be set to offline mode so that you can open them up and work on then with out the need of an internet connection, a feature i have not use or tested out because i dont have chrome installed on my laptop.

here is gmail running in chrome from an app shortcut

now from what i have played around with it, its a neat browser, but without the ability to use extensions and the fact it is slower that firefox .. i wont be switching anytime soon.

heres the tutorial bit ….

fix ubuntu sound problems (hardy)

If you have problems regarding flash sites, eg: if you are watching a flash video online on some website like you-friggin-tube and you want to play Rhythmbox, Amarok or your player of choice in the background but you cant because you can only hear one or the other, here is what you are going to do to fix it,

install libflashsupport … problem solved … or at least it was for me!

sudo apt-get install libflashsupport

ok i jumped the gun abit on this it didnt quite fix my problme … well it did but it caused Firefox to crash constantly when loading a flash site ….

so upon my research i found this tutorial HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes now i like to write my own tutorials … but this guy knows his crap and this was too much for my limited knowlege in linux … so go to his post and follow it .. it will solve you problems =P


1 pkg. Ramen noodles
2 tbsp. cornstarch
2 tbsp. water
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
2 garlic cloves
1 lg. onion, cut in 1/4
2 lg. carrots
3 c. broccoli flowerets
1 c. diagonally sliced celery

Cook noodles according to package directions. Drain, reserving broth.

In a small bowl combine cornstarch and water. Set aside.

Heat vegetable oil in a wok or large skillet. Stir fry garlic and onion in hot oil 30 seconds. Add carrots; stir fry about 1 minute. Add broccoli and celery; stir to combine.

Pour reserved broth from noodles over vegetables. Cover; simmer 1 minute. Push vegetables to one side of wok or skillet. Pour cornstarch mixture into broth while stirring. Add noodles; mix. Toss and cook until noodles are hot, about 2 minutes. Serve.

what is Apple thinking?

if you havnt read or heard about this you need to read about it

victoria school website

A well-known computer company has told a Vancouver Island school to drop its apple logo. The Victoria School of Business and Technology started using a blue and green apple logo in 2005, but two weeks ago the school received a cease and desist letter from Apple Inc. in the U.S., telling it to get rid of the logo.

here is the logo in question

here is Apple’s

i noticed they are the both “apples” but seriously who in there right mind is going to confuse those two logos?!

what about these Apple might as well sue them too.