been needing to post this….

Its another Kansas wind farm! (click the slide show to see the full size photos)

these things have been popping up all over the place! this one is by Spearville(for those who might actually know where that is) thats two that i know of now this one then the one south of where my parents live i know a third one is suppose to be going up in the hays area.

i like to see these going up in Kansas i mean what a great idea Kansas is ridiculously windy day in day out. why not harness that power … I’m just sad that it took them this long to figure it out!

New music.. i like this one

well i was listening to my xm station Ethel47 this morning going to work. and this song came on


when i saw the artist name Serj Tankian …i said to my self “WTF! no thats system of a down Serj is the lead singer” so i did some research i guess SoaD has been on hiatus for a good year going on two. i was sad and now they are talking that SoaD will prolly most likely not get back together since all the other members have started solo work or playing in other bands. welp at least i like this stuff Serj is doing. i always thought he was an awesome vocalist.

house searching part II

ok next Thursday im heading out again to look at this house

I got an email from the realitor ive been talking too she said this about this house “It is a very clean house, has 2 bedrooms, bath, living room, eating space in the kitchen, central air & heat, utility room, attached garage & garden shed. She would even sell her furniture because she is moving to Wichita to be closer to her kids.”

Looking for a place to live …

for those of you who dont know im moving back into the hays area … i going to be looking at house today.

ok so here is the d-low on everything

House buying is not as fun as one might think ive actually gotten a head ache from it

but im looking at this house

This is a bungalow in very good condition, new carpet & paint, central air & heat, part unfinished basement. Two bedrooms, living room, dining room,kitchen w/nice amount of birch cupboards, utility & bath. The home has steel siding, new roof in 2005, including new decking. A garden storage shed

Taking risk, Making mistakes, and Chasing your dreams…

For some reason tonight this is all i could think of I’m not even sure why. A lot of things got me thinking about life taking a risk one that can change your life forever. it’s amazing how one simple yes or no decision can change everything you know in this world. i got to thinking really what the difference in taking a risk and making a mistake is… where is the line drawn there.

It’s a gray area really. if one really want to pursue everything in life you have to take a risk and that risk has two outcomes either its a good choice or a bad choice, but even if it does have a good outcome it can still have a disastrous out come in the long run.

every choice; every decision one makes sets off a chain reactions activating the many paths we can choose to take, unlocking those doors. As these paths and doors are opened just as many are closed never to be opened again. one could never take the risk because of this fact. like myself i tend to stay where its comfortable and never try to change those things because it make me uncomfortable.

I recently made a decision that is going to change my life, for the better i hope, but it’s at a risk. I, myself tend to try and calculate (yes i always try to bring math into my decisions) the different outcomes that can happen. I try to think logically about my decision I made. I also forget that i failed my logic class, twice in fact, in college so i should learn I’m not good at making a logical decision. and that most of them I have made are spur of the moment and it has worked out so far.
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A sad day for the gaming community…

RIP Gary Gygax 1938 – 2008

Gary Gygax was an American writer and game designer, best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D.

he created a whole generation of gamers with out the creation of D&D i doubt the RPGs we have today would exist. Gary went well beyond the role of game developer and became an icon to gamers, appearing as himself in episodes of Futurama and Code Monkeys and participating in discussions on roleplaying-related message boards.

in a 2004 interview with GameSpy and i remember this one they asked him how he would like to be remembered:

“I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.” -Gary Gygax

Lucky …

ok im not going to go in much detail other than it was a lucky night for me in the world of Guild Wars. below are the screenshots to prove it … first a rare weapon drop then the second nothing really special just a great screenshot moment after defeating the wurm and the last one is the ruby i salvages after matt gave me a item to increase the percentage change of getting it!

due to size of the screen shots i just linked them


the wurm