Epic Minecrafting….

thats right epic!

so this weekend ive been playing a lot of minecraft, dont know what mine craft is go here and here, the multi-player server i play on finally enabled the mobs, or monsters makes the game play just that much better. Matt and I played several hours this weekend and got a pretty cool set up. Now we were moving alone then were were attacked out of no where but whats call a creeper these things sneek up on you and explode. we had three come and destroy a good chunk of our fortress. then several came into the inner workings and needless to say after that we went to fortifying to make sure that never happens again.

Thats what makes this game so fun is because the random stuff that happens. here is a screen shot.

4 day weekends rock ….

when you are not on call.
too bad im on call this weekend, the only thing that sucks i have a 4 day but i gotta answer the on call phone when it rings. but today is my friday only 4 more hours to go. i’m on lunch so i though id post an update. the winds was blowing again this morning but this afternoon seems to have died down a bit. its actually not to bad out right now.

Donkey Kong Country returns to nintendo

Donkey Kong Returns to the console.  a sidescrolling platformer that puts Donkey Kong back in action. Under the hypnotic control of a group of evil Tikis, the animals on DK Island have stolen Donkey Kong’s bananas, again, forcing him to go after them. I first played Donkey Kong Country (DKC) was on the SNES. I loved DKC it ranks number 3 in my top ten favorite games of all time.my uncle let me borrow it and that’s how i got hooked on it. i remember going through the game trying to unlock all the secrets and getting all the bananas it was a fun game the sequels were just as fun.

SNES Game Box for DKC
DKC SNES screenshot

Look forward to more post about DKC returns as i play through the game so far i have only completed the 1 st world. and i will leave you with a screen shot from the Wii.

DKC Returns screenshot