You really are a Grinch aren’t you?

Just for some clarification, my last post was intended to be partly funny and partly serious. the holiday season is not my most favorite time of the year. In fact my most favorite time of the year is any day I do not have to work. I am not big into the holidays year around. but that doesn’t mean I out right hate everyone. I help people on a daily basis and for the most part I enjoy it. even though I rarely get appreciated for the help I do give. ever since I was a kid I have loved solving difficult problems the harder the problem the more fun I had solving it. Guess that’s why I love sciences, math, and technology as much as I do. It is why I love RPG games, such and LoZ series and why I got into Dungeons & Dragons they are games that not only require a bit of thinking power. one game (the latter) required the use of your mind and imagination; working alongside each other to win.

I build and repair computers for a living. Truth be told if I did not enjoy that type of work I wouldn’t be there. albeit rare I do occasionally get that customer that is just pleased I was able to help them and the cost is well worth it to them just to have their computer working again. it is those customers I treasure and love seeing in the store because they understand I am doing my job and they know I do a great job. This job gives me the rush that I get from solving a difficult problem. So many times when I talk to other professionals in my field they don’t even try to fix the issue they just go straight to the formatting the hard drive and re-installation of windows. a common misconception is that virus and malware are out to corrupt windows. that is not true the people behind a majority of the malware out there don’t want to put your computer out of commission they want it to function so they can make money off of it. now there are viruses and malware out there intent in destroying your computer but there is no money in those though. so when I get an infected machine in my office I see it as a challenge to be conquered!

“What about those Face book and Twitter post you read all the time!? how do you put up with those people?” well yes I like to make fun of stupid people and sharing the experience but you will notice I never reveal who they really are. I will never just make fun of anyone to their face that is not professional and anyone who does treat a customer like that to their face does not deserve to have their job. that’s the difference, no matter how dumb or stupid the problem may be I handle it just like I would anything else, because that means great customer service. you cannot get into the business I am and expect everyone to know how to do everything there would no reason for people like me if everyone knew how to do what I do.

Just like any job that deals with the general populous there are times you have to grow a thick skin. There are always people out trying to get stuff done for next to nothing or free. by complaining about customer service. today’s society has taught people to get their money back all they have to do is complain to a higher up and by doing that they threaten to ruin the company’s image so the higher ups will refund to save face. here is the kicker people lie, and they lie a lot. 9.5 or of 10 customers that claim they are going to take their service elsewhere and claim they are going to tarnish the company’s image are damn dirty liars and don’t have the balls to do anything. I have learned over the years if a customer comes in unhappy they are going to leave unhappy regardless. their bark is worse than their bite. if someone threatens to go to a different service I tell them to go, they are not going hurt me one bit. I do not want to serve customers like that.

I can go all day talking about this so I will give you this … when you get home at night do you feel like you did some good for the world that day? if your answer is no maybe you need to reevaluate some stuff. No matter how bad of day I may have there is always that feeling of accomplishment when I get home because I helped someone. By helping just that one appreciated customer you start a chain of reactions that will eventually come full circle back to you.  Even if that stupid task of showing some one that they are pressing the power button on the monitor instead of the computer or as simple as showing someone how to delete a file. so all I am asking for everyone to just take that extra step to be nice to people no matter how horrible they are to you. You can always make fun of them after they leave. Laugh, make sure you laugh each and every day! Life is dull with out laughter.