BiebsCast life’s music the next volume

here is the next volume in Life’s music: Life in us… life is us

its pretty darn close to 30 mins long so save it for a time you are really bored and have a half hour to burn. also my mic has a short in it and im not sure how much more life it has … so if you hear clicking its my mic … ive tried to edit out as much as i can but i couldnt get them all.


Life’s music: life in us is us the next volume

Music Meme….

Ok you dont actually have to do this, but this was rather fun below is my list i was able to come up with 20 great songs … with out any of hte songs starting with the word “the”  … the letter i was given was “T” so here is my list. i have way too much music …. had i included the word “the” this list would be a mile long.

(a) reply to this post requesting a letter and I will assign you one.
(b) list 10 songs that start with that particular letter.
(c) post them in your journal with these instructions

01 Thunderstruck – ACDC
02 Tired – Adele
03 Thrash unreal – Against Me
04 Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift
05 Talk to me – buckcherry
06 That’s life – Michael Buble
07 This side – Nickel Creek
08 Trust in You – The Offspring
09 Trouble don’t Rhyme – Oren Lavie
10 Time to Dance – Panic! at the Disco

11 That’s what you Get – Paramore
12 Thinking about you – Puddle of Mudd
13 Time after Time – Quietdrive
14 That Time – Regina Spektor
15 Turn it up – Save Ferris
16 Trade yourself in – Shinedown
17 Time to say goodbye – Simple Plan
18 Ties that Bind – Alter bridge
19 That’s Not my Name – The Ting Tings
20 This is our Town – We the Kings

fate and destiny….

Fate as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary is “That which inevitably happens as though determined by force”. If this is what fate means then I believe that everyone has a predetermined fate or destiny that will happen. It seems that you do not decide your future but it is already decided for you and you just have to deal with it because you have no control over what is going to happen. more specifically … I’m referring to what is happening in my life right now. Everything is working against me in every decision I make. I believe it is my destiny to fail, many of you out there will most likely disagree with me which is fine I wont argue with you.

Failure can be a devastating blow to our self esteem and most often we rationalize our cause of failure to be something external other than ourselves. No one wants to admit failing so it’s easier to blame extenuating circumstances. It’s the government, my boss, or the economy that caused me to fail, but if we dig deeper I think we’ll find that we don’t like others to see us as a failure. How many times have you heard someone or yourself say they couldn’t care what others think? In most situations, people do care what others think.

people who have failed numerous times keep on trying because their desire to succeed is greater than the thought of quitting, but are they successful if they keep failing because they don’t quit? those who do quit because their self worth can’t stand the disapproval of failure. Are they really unsuccessful for quitting and accepting their inability to succeed?

I ask myself everyday “why do I keep trying to change what cannot be changed” you think I asked to be harassed by bill collectors? I made a choice over a year ago to accept a job that was going to change my life. well it did it was another failure to add to my long list of failing choices over my life. I knew back before I decided to take that job that it was going to be a bad decision. I didn’t listen to that voice telling me not to accept it. now you might be saying you cannot know what the future holds; I’m saying you can, and once you know that path accept it.

For me every decision I make will be a failing choice. I will never make it any higher on the ladder I’m at my highest and I’m accepting that fate. I am giving up I’m quitting. I am tired of fighting it, just going to lay down and watch those pass me by that have been given the ability to succeed because with out me here to fail they wouldn’t be able to succeed. YOUR WELCOME no need to thank me I’m just glad my failures is your success.

yes failure is an option, however, for me its absolute. that’s why I was put here on this earth to fail so that others can succeed.

burning myself out….

between the financial stress i’m going through since i had lost my job back in march for 4 months has caught a bit of a strain on me. but i was always able to to use my art to sooth that and keep me sane. Now, however, i’ve burned myself out on my artwork and cant seem to get a grip on it anymore. it seems like im trying to hard and i keep trying to come up with excuses as to why i cant create. so im taking a break from my digital creativeness and im going to try and seek out through some long needed meditation my muse and inspiration. there is a reason im going through this i just need to sit down and figure it out and quit trying so hard.

my goal is to be able to come up with something by the end of this next weekend i have a 3 day weekend coming up and im planning on kicking this artist block and get back to creating again. ill be posting a podcast later to go into more detail