burning myself out….

between the financial stress i’m going through since i had lost my job back in march for 4 months has caught a bit of a strain on me. but i was always able to to use my art to sooth that and keep me sane. Now, however, i’ve burned myself out on my artwork and cant seem to get a grip on it anymore. it seems like im trying to hard and i keep trying to come up with excuses as to why i cant create. so im taking a break from my digital creativeness and im going to try and seek out through some long needed meditation my muse and inspiration. there is a reason im going through this i just need to sit down and figure it out and quit trying so hard.

my goal is to be able to come up with something by the end of this next weekend i have a 3 day weekend coming up and im planning on kicking this artist block and get back to creating again. ill be posting a podcast later to go into more detail