back in the day…

everything seemed to fall into place.

I haven’t been blogging about much at all in the last year and for the 2 readers that i have i apologize i just having felt like writing, or at least i feel as if my life is not worth writing about. I mean who wants to read about be complaining about everything, or how depressed an lonely i am. no one wants to read about that and now that i’m out of school i just don’t have that drive to write about things im passion about. i miss podcasting and doing the voice work stuff i did when i worked for the radio station. My artwork has been suffering a lot lately too although i do have a wallpaper i made named “Retro Beatz” if you would like to see it drop me a line you cam email me art joshbiebsart(at)biebsworld(dot)com or spoofshadow(at)gmail(dot)com, i cant post them online anymore because ive had people steal my artwork and claim them as their own. its what i get for posting it on the internet. so i have a private gallery that i’m using so if you would like to see anything let me know i can send you the link.

I recently designed a business card for a client that was a lot of fun to do i love designing, if only i could make a living at that. the arthritis in my thumb makes it really hard to draw anymore so I’ve given up drawing with pen and paper and even with the graphic tablet, but im learning to design vectors using photoshop and illustrator with only a mouse.

E pluribus, unum

out of many, one

It is a pearl of wisdom

begging us to recognize that as human beings we are unique individuals have evolved over time, though many of us have strayed from this becoming a following of society letting society decide your fate. However by being unique and standing out you become an outsider and no one wants to accept you, or at least its way i have been treated through out my life.  people dont understand why i do the things that i do, its because thats who i am and no one is going to take that away.

(in the words of sunshineguinn, you are getting credit because i dont know where you got it) …. i will not become a sheep so that the wolves can devour me.

Success, whats your definition?

I was asked the other day to define Success, i started off saying well success is when you achieve something you are seeking out to achieve. then i paused for a moment and said wait i want to change my answer …..

This how i define success:

Success is when you have an experience and learn from it, be it achieving a goal or getting something right. even in failure you can achieve success if you learn from that experiences. win or lose if you learned from it you succeeded. ..

Now my question to you whats your definition?

in a world of my own, what the hell I’ve been doing

well mostly work

well i’ve been busy with a lot or things lately and not one step closer to getting my store launched.  couple of things i have been interviewed for a couple of different positions with in the company i work for so i’m waiting to hear back. one of them i know i’m going to be having a 2nd interview for the systems developer position.

also i’ve been designing business cards. i’ve already had one design bought, nice to have some extra cash coming in, and a possible 2nd source of income if i can get enough clients. so! if you are in need of a business card  send me a message or email.

last on my “what the hell biebs has been doing” list i been playing Minecraft a very addicting game with a very addicting game play. you are The literal description: is a first-person, game created by one person, with crafting, building and exploration at its center.  Minecraft places you, alone, in a hostile virtual environment that is larger than the surface of the earth. You have no items, no weapons, and no knowledge. Your only goal is to survive. The world seems friendly at first, but as soon as night falls, monsters come out.


Render of my world what i have explored so far

The photo above is a render of what i’ve explored in my randomly generated world. as soon as i get some decent in game screen-shots ill post those.