in a world of my own, what the hell I’ve been doing

well mostly work

well i’ve been busy with a lot or things lately and not one step closer to getting my store launched.  couple of things i have been interviewed for a couple of different positions with in the company i work for so i’m waiting to hear back. one of them i know i’m going to be having a 2nd interview for the systems developer position.

also i’ve been designing business cards. i’ve already had one design bought, nice to have some extra cash coming in, and a possible 2nd source of income if i can get enough clients. so! if you are in need of a business card  send me a message or email.

last on my “what the hell biebs has been doing” list i been playing Minecraft a very addicting game with a very addicting game play. you are The literal description: is a first-person, game created by one person, with crafting, building and exploration at its center.  Minecraft places you, alone, in a hostile virtual environment that is larger than the surface of the earth. You have no items, no weapons, and no knowledge. Your only goal is to survive. The world seems friendly at first, but as soon as night falls, monsters come out.


Render of my world what i have explored so far

The photo above is a render of what i’ve explored in my randomly generated world. as soon as i get some decent in game screen-shots ill post those.