back in the day…

everything seemed to fall into place.

I haven’t been blogging about much at all in the last year and for the 2 readers that i have i apologize i just having felt like writing, or at least i feel as if my life is not worth writing about. I mean who wants to read about be complaining about everything, or how depressed an lonely i am. no one wants to read about that and now that i’m out of school i just don’t have that drive to write about things im passion about. i miss podcasting and doing the voice work stuff i did when i worked for the radio station. My artwork has been suffering a lot lately too although i do have a wallpaper i made named “Retro Beatz” if you would like to see it drop me a line you cam email me art joshbiebsart(at)biebsworld(dot)com or spoofshadow(at)gmail(dot)com, i cant post them online anymore because ive had people steal my artwork and claim them as their own. its what i get for posting it on the internet. so i have a private gallery that i’m using so if you would like to see anything let me know i can send you the link.

I recently designed a business card for a client that was a lot of fun to do i love designing, if only i could make a living at that. the arthritis in my thumb makes it really hard to draw anymore so I’ve given up drawing with pen and paper and even with the graphic tablet, but im learning to design vectors using photoshop and illustrator with only a mouse.