Music Meme….

Ok you dont actually have to do this, but this was rather fun below is my list i was able to come up with 20 great songs … with out any of hte songs starting with the word “the”  … the letter i was given was “T” so here is my list. i have way too much music …. had i included the word “the” this list would be a mile long.

(a) reply to this post requesting a letter and I will assign you one.
(b) list 10 songs that start with that particular letter.
(c) post them in your journal with these instructions

01 Thunderstruck – ACDC
02 Tired – Adele
03 Thrash unreal – Against Me
04 Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift
05 Talk to me – buckcherry
06 That’s life – Michael Buble
07 This side – Nickel Creek
08 Trust in You – The Offspring
09 Trouble don’t Rhyme – Oren Lavie
10 Time to Dance – Panic! at the Disco

11 That’s what you Get – Paramore
12 Thinking about you – Puddle of Mudd
13 Time after Time – Quietdrive
14 That Time – Regina Spektor
15 Turn it up – Save Ferris
16 Trade yourself in – Shinedown
17 Time to say goodbye – Simple Plan
18 Ties that Bind – Alter bridge
19 That’s Not my Name – The Ting Tings
20 This is our Town – We the Kings

4 thoughts on “Music Meme….

  1. I think the variation in your music is awesome. Some times I feel like I’m the only one with a collection like that, haha. :)

  2. yeah that’s one thing about my collection all 62 gigs of it and its not just one type/genre its got everything you name i prolly have some type or form of it.

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