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  1. Biebs,

    Hi! I like how you are writing about music. I enjoyed the podcast in this entry. Most days, I have at least one song playing in my head. I think of my head as a jukebox, particularly because I like to hum or sing to oldies like from the 50s or 60s.

    Besides what you said, music can make people angry. If I listen to Rap, I can get angry. The only time I listen to it is when I work out, it gets me moving and makes me work harder.

    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend!


  2. well i enjoyed as much of my thanks giving as i could. yeah ive been enjoying writing about music. im constructing the next volume of Life’s music; Life in Us …Life is Us.

    im not that big of a fan of hiphop/urban/rap either but there are a few select songs i do like

  3. Hi, I’m late.

    Goosebumps – absolutely, and from various sources. Some songs just the first or first couple times, some songs every single time.

    Music is totally a necessary things for me. lol
    And I do that as well; think about songs when I can’t listen to them.

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