new poem

..delivered in a desktop wallpaper =P

no sun

—–poem below—–
no sun
no public swimming pools
no lets go for ice cream
no barbecues
no girls in skirts (ok so im a guy, last time i checked that wasn’t a crime =P)
no tennis, cricket, or Frisbee by the lake
no snow yet for skiing

November, just a great month to stay in

EDIT:i fixed the hyperlink you should now be able to click on the picture and get the full size. sorry everyone took so long to realize i messed up the code it should now be fixed

3 thoughts on “new poem

  1. thanks,

    yeah that shade of blue is one of my favorite colors not my 1st favorite since my favorite is candy apple red which it the color of my car! but that blue would come in second though =P

    November is just one of those months you just cant do a whole lot and not sure why, but you just want to stay inside.

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