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EDIT: I need to make a correction i’m actually installing whats call a WAI or Warm Air Intake not a CAI (Cold Air Intake). there is a difference and let me try to explain:

Cold air intakes will produce more power, and will save gas if the engine operates only at Wide Open Throttle.

However, under 90% of driving, Warm Air Intakes are more efficient because the engine is throttled and under less than full load.

WAI does two things:

1) Fuel evaporates more quickly, increasing combustion speed. Fast burn engines improves the amount of pressure generated and expansion work available for a given amount of fuel.

2) With oxygen sensors, engines run at stoichiometric air/fuel ratios. For any given amount of fuel, a corresponding mass of oxygen is admitted. WAI lowers the density of air, meaning that a higher volume of air must be let into the engine for a given fuel input. So with WAI, the throttle must be opened further for a given output, and this lowers the “pumping” work of pulling air past the throttle.

before the filter

as you can see above thats my engine compartment of my car. its very boring i know. well i have started to piece my WAI together. however i ran into a small problem my 90 degree elbow i have is too big. so i dont have enough clearance for my hood to close. i have to find some smaller elbows.

but not all is lost i was able to at least replace the air filter!

CAI Filter

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