work in progress part II

ok the WAI is now finished!!!

Finished WAI

now its on to this !!!!

Hood Scoop

okay I’m just kidding, in the near future i may decide to do that. First however i’m going to be adding a lowering kit to lower my car. also i need to upgrade my exhaust …no I’m not putting a stupid “fart can” on my car those are retarded. they are for only one thing, for ppl who want their cars to sound somewhat like a racing car only problem is that the sound is coming from the exhaust not the engine!

6 thoughts on “work in progress part II

  1. Hey man, if I were you I would forget the hood and continue the upgrade the guts of the car, save the money for the engine in other words. The hoods looks cool, but to have a car that is faster and doesn’t look it has always appealed more to me. Keep us posted on how you keep upgrading your ride!!!

  2. oh no I’m not going to be putting a hood scoop on my car anytime soon. my brother had just been bugging me about seeing what it looked like. i agree I’d rather own a sleeper (a car that doesn’t look fast) than a riced out slow-mobile.

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