why clients suck

ok you will find here a spot i cut today while at work. what i want you to listen to is the music bed. for all our spots we do for Thirsty’s pub brew and grill we have to use the same music bed which some one from Thirsty’s “professionally” produced …this music bed sux and does not flow with the spot or my voice and sounds terrible making the spot sound like crap.

Thirsty’s pub brew and grill

2 thoughts on “why clients suck

  1. I don’t think the spot sounds terrible. The bed does sound like it was “professionally produced”…in 1985. They just need to get with the times and it’d be a great sounding spot.

  2. well im overly critical on my own production because of the classes and stuff i did in school. i dont think its that bad i just cant stand the music bed it doesnt flow with the words or my voice …. and that what makes it a bad cut … but the clients will prolly love it

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