More updates!!!

Haha oh this should be the last site update for a while you will see a flash player to the right it currently only has 2 songs those of which my bother wrote keep checking back you might hear more randomness =P

9 thoughts on “More updates!!!

  1. actully the snowflakes are a plugin written for wordpress. its written in php/c++ code. basically i just point the plugin to the picture i want and it snows i can also make it have falling leafs for the fall …I havnt quite figured out rain yet but im working on that

  2. well ive been playing with it i was able to figure out how to make them fall the size of the window, or the whole page ans since my page right now has a huge post in it it takes for ever for them to fall to the bottom of the page. so i set them back to just fall in the size of the window that the browser is open to

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