wal-mart parking lot

well i have almost seen everything thing now possible in the wal-mart parking lot here in hays and i wish i hadn’t seen what i saw tonight the images still burn my eyes….

i had just finished putting my groceries in my trunk. and gotten into my car my cell phone rang it was mom i talk to her for a bit and after i hung up i was looking for my keys …and as i found them something caught my eye i looked up and in the truck park right in front of me …two ppl doing what it had appeared to be ….”having sex” …..i had a clear full picture and i wish i could poke my eyes out with a spoon.

i get my car started and backed out as quickly as i could. i cant believe where ppl will do things …a room is meant for that not the wal-mart parking lot i don’t care how dark it is out side.

4 thoughts on “wal-mart parking lot

  1. Oh my. How romantic! “Hey baby, let’s go to wal-mart and get it on! Ha-yuk!”

    Hays has the weirdest Wal-Mart I’ve ever heard of. Or maybe I just don’t spend enough time at our Wal-Mart to notice such things. =P

  2. i think you just dont spend enough time at wal-mart. from the famous words of Carlos Mencia “God has a sense of humor, you dont believe me just go down to wal-mart and look at people!”

  3. So I guess people don’t bother driving to “the point” like in the 50s or 60s anymore…those were the days, lol. I wasn’t even born then. The guy probably was too embarassed to ask his mom for a bit of cash, “Mom, could I have some money so I can do it with this girl in the parking lot?” :P

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