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“Well if you don’t like it …then you can just kiss my konfabulator” – Ryan Augustine

back in the swing of things

welp ive just started my last and final semester in college. it has been a rough ride the last 5 years, but i’m ready to start my next chapter in life. ive been looking for different opportunities with in a few different broadcasting companies mainly clear channel. i want to remain in radio doing broadcasting and production work.

so the long trek begins.

Apple Sued

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EDIT: updated PC world article

Shortly following news of Apple’s stock options backdating scandal, the Associated Press is reporting that the company is now facing several lawsuits, including one alleging that Apple is monopolizing the digital music market.

The lawsuit is over Apple’s proprietary iPod and iTunes software, which is generally incompatible with non-Apple products. Media purchased on iTunes is supposed to be playable only on iPod hardware, and songs purchased on other DRM systems are not easily playable on iPods.

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