what have i been up too?

well not a lot really just getting over being sick with allergies also i started a new website decided its time to make it public still working on it, but its enough to get by with …

say hello to joshbieber.com

think of it as a digital hub to me … haha! when i saw that joshbieber.com was available for sale .. i just couldn’t give up the opportunity to own that domain … i wanted that domain back when i bought biebs’ world but it wasn’t available but not just a few weeks ago it was so i snatched it up.

later this week ill have a blog post made up and such about some other things that are going on and will make a bit of a change in my life … but i cant talk about it yet … not until we have been given the ok to make it public. so stay tuned on that.

and i’ll leave you with a quote… “Life is simple, its just not easy.”