Server Crash!

I woke up this morning and had a few mins to spare and so i decided i was going to log into my buildcraft server and check up on my quarry. behold i get the dreaded “Server not found!” error. i’m like its right there see! there is the console window right there ….  first thought to my mind ok lets just restart the server …. i issue the stop command and it just sits there ….. i look at my CPU usage java is sitting at all most 85% of my quad core …. i’m like something not right … back to the console still just sitting there now i’m getting not responding and i was forced to kill the process. great now i bet my world is now corrupt i relaunch the server … sure enough its corrupt. its a good thing i got that video recorded last night. good news is you guys will get to see me re build my power plant and i think ill make a slightly smaller quarry because i think that what caused the corruption.