Never Forget Who You Are

As life goes on you are subjected to many different influences. Sometimes you take a wrong turn or end up on the wrong path which causes you to lose track of who you are. There are way too many people in this world who want to take advantage of you or use you for their own gains. People will lie to you, trick you and abuse your honesty if you let them. It’s of course crazy to be paranoid that everyone is out to get you but it’s always good to be cautious of the intentions of others. Simple things like having a roof over your head, the freedom to travel or walk around your city without being shot or arrested, food on the table, loving friends and family etc. are what you should be grateful for every day. When things get difficult I like to see them as a test of some sort. It may be a test of patience, a test of belief or faith or a test of determination. This allows you to rationalize the difficulties you’re facing so that you can stop worry and focus all your energy on getting through the test as best you can. If you believe in something, don’t let others talk you out of it. Avoid negative people and nay-sayers but if you have to, stand up for what you believe in. Be prepared to fight for it.

Always remember who you are and where you came from. If your current life path is putting you in situations that you’re not happy with, make drastic changes and get back to the person who you are.