Best I have felt in a very long time.

this week has been a great week, simply for the fact that I have felt better that I have in a very long time. for the first time I can say I love my job, I love what I am doing. I have not been overly stress about anything. I have been writing more I have actually been working on my art more as well though none of it is complete enough to share.  I have found a muse someone that has inspired me and when I think about them I just want to keep moving forward they are a great friend to me and if you are reading this thank you! you may not think of if the same way I do, but I am glad to have you around!

the fact that lately I have been in a very foul mood and somewhat depress about everything. Being in this good mood and high spirits has been great and I hope it decides to stick around longer. my dreams have normalized (kind of) I am not running for my life. they are still weird, but they have returned in beauty in their settings.

You might have noticed the lack of minecraft post well I’m taking a break from minecraft and started playing Star Wars the Old Republic , it is a lot of fun and playing a sith character has been fun. I don’t have to be Mr. nice guy and I can run around causing havoc and no one thinks twice about it. plus the dark side has cookies ..

I have also started playing Skyrim again. I had forgotten how much fun that game was, slaying dragons and trying not to take an arrow to the knee which apparently if you are a city guard that is a prerequisite. I am sure it is probably on the application. the other night playing I stumbled upon another dragon I was like alright let’s do this as I got closer those something felt wrong next thing I know there was a dragon priest, which is apparently equipped with the fire staff of “f*ck your shit up” because after 4 hits from his damn fireball I was dead … after reloading I decided to stay away from that mountain. decided to do another dungeon while in this dungeon I was attacked by a damn vampire and got vampirism or Sanguinare Vampiris  as they call it didn’t realize it until after a few more days that’s when something wasn’t right …  I was getting  a message saying “You feel strangely weakened by the sunrise“. At sunset,  “You feel a strange thirst come over you” well crap I thought … after Google searches I found out I was an eff’n vampire and I also found out I could cure it! so I spent a good couple of hours getting my cure … I also learned that you can only get Sanguinare Vampiris from their ranged attacks so now when I come across a vampire i rush it and go melee on its ass.

so be prepared to read more about my Skyrim adventures I’m sure they will be hilarious.