My Misadventures in Skyrim… Horses and Stormcloaks

My first horse drowned. Yup. I thought they could swim. Lesson learned. My second horse was eaten by a dragon… or chewed on then thrown. Whatever, it died by a dragon going om nom nom on it. my third horse just ran away.  apparently it had gotten word about my previous horses and ran away. I would too.

So I was exploring the countryside when I saw the familiar bear-claw icon on my compass.  Since I am not of the Stormcloaks. I have not sided with the empire either, but I was previously attack by some Stormcloaks for getting too close to them so every time I stumble upon an encampment I exact revenge for my own reasons.  I took the long way around to get into position on top of a cliff that overlooked the camp. I found the perfect sniper spot, jumping over a wide gap to a rocky ledge with a few scrub trees. There’s no way a melee fighter could get to me, since NPCs don’t jump. I managed to kill 2 Stormcloaks without being discovered. When shooting at the third guy, I missed a few shots and hit one of their horses. I saw the horse run away, but was too busy focusing on the remaining Stormcloaks, who now had their bows out and were shooting back. After a long archer battle, I managed to kill the last three, but in the process I took a few arrows myself, and my health was low. I scanned the camp and didn’t see any remaining enemies, and was about to proclaim victory when I hear a rustling in the grass behind me … I turn around just in time to see the angry horse plant a hoof in my face, killing me and sending me rag dolling down the cliff.

I reload instead of trying to be sneaky this time I just charge in with lightning blazing, after about three volleys of chain lightning I had downed 2/3rds of the storm cloaks and I got the rest with my swords. I continued on to my objective to get some tree sap from the underground tree so I could save some tree in Whiterun. first though I had to obtain this dagger, this special dagger would allow me to get some sap from this ancient tree. apparently the bark on this tree cannot be cut with just any weapon it’s that tough.  however this dagger is in the hands of some witch …. great I thought, first vampires then werewolves now witches! when I found their camp I was sadden to find out these witches are not the broom riding variety but the fireball throwing variety. I need to know where these people are getting their fire flowers from I want to lob fire balls too! I knew I would be useless at range so I pull my katana and tanto and rush them the first three took about 1/3rd of my health all that was left was the lead witch or in skyrim know as “Hag” at this point I was not in any mood to fight a “boss” I rush in anyway and luck was on my side. critical hit cinematic! probably one of the coolest cinematic scenes I have had  (couldn’t find YouTube video). in the scene I grabbed the hag with my left hand I roll my katana in my right hand and thrust down through the neck of the hag instantly killing her … there was blood and lots of it.

I retrieved the dagger and on to the tree! after getting the sap and returning to Whiterun wondering what my reward was going to be … that stupid dagger was my reward … WTF what am I going to do with a dagger that is used to get tree sap!?

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  1. well there are more to come! i have one more adventure to write about, but i’m going to do a few more adventures first to build up a queue

  2. It adds chests, bcasookes and a rug to the secret room, I have this mod and it’s useful for storing all my alchemy/enchanting stuff, it also adds decorations to make the room look less bare.Try clicking through and reading the mod description next time before you whinge.

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