hangin with old friends

Saturday I went up to Salina to visit some old friends I had not seen in what seems like ages. was not really looking forward to the drive up there, but it turns out to be a really nice drive once you hit the interstate it is a breeze. It is a much more enjoyable drive than going to Wichita. One drive I am eager to repeat in the near future.

As I made it to Tom and Carver’s place. I phoned carver and he was not there he was out and about with his girls and buying Lamp guts. so I sat out on the steps enjoying the nice weather. I’ve also learned this weekend that Carver has become a local Kingpin, he organizes the theft, I mean the “acquisition” of certain “abandoned” properties through the use of his force powers, apparently when you enter university for a PR degree they teach you the ways of the dark side … how I missed that I will never know!

so we hung out most of the day talking computers and nerd stuff, that’s what we do, we are GEEK!  Also I donated a Motherboard, cpu, and ram to hopefully help Carver get his computer back up and running. it was the guts of my old gaming computer and just sitting around collecting dust. as evening progressed I needed to move on besides Carver had a fancy dinner to go to!

On my way out of town I stopped by one more place Logan’s Roadhouse. Thanks to my shining influence from family guy I had to restrain myself from yelling “ROADHOUSE” and performing a round house kick to the face every 5 mins. A very dear friend of mine just started working there as a waitress, she is an awesome waitress, no matter of what she thinks. You are awesome! I had some fish(I can’t spell the name of the exact fish I had) it was good I was thinking it was going to be a bit spicy, but I forget what is spicy to “normal” people has no real effect on me. It was delicious regardless. I also had some sautéed mushrooms with and some fries gotta have my fries … to end it all off a slice of cheese cake New York style it was good, but my homemade from scratch is better. it filled me up and I walked away full!  I will be back!