thoughts of dreams and memories

My memories lay printed on sheets of paper,
Stored in the drawer of my mind.

As the years go by and time fades away,
and the ink dissipates.

a foreign gust of wind comes,
Each day getting stronger.

Closer and closer,
stronger and stronger,

Until that very last moment,
the wind turns.

My memories scatter…
lost in the oceans of dreams


I sat down to day trying to remember something and for the life of me i couldn’t remember what it was, lately it seems that i dont remember much. a lot i know has to do with me not wanting to remember my child hood is very patchy and a lot about my childhood i dont want too either. I have been in a writing mood for several days and many of you know of a project ive been furiously working trying to get it finished. My fear is that if id didnt finish it it would disappear much like all my other project i try to start and this last project was important to me. those reasons are my own and not to be shared. i was inspired by a dream that dream had elements in that told me to do this … this dream was just awesome and a blessing from a really bad incident that will remain unspoken of. it put me on a high i had energy ive been smiling everyday and and i used that energy in a project that now lays dormant until i decide whether i want to share it. at this time i dont feel the need to share it with everyone it bring enough joy to me knowing i completed it and thats all i need at this time.