some thinking material …

“Born of different lands… woven together by fate… each shall rise to face their destiny…”

ive been having the same dream now for three nights … not sure why but before i partake in the adventure im given a quote the quote above i’m not even sure where i remember reading that but its somewhere and i intend to find it !


A special place
I like to visit.
So peaceful,
the setting is perfect to meditate,
and reflect on your life.

The wind,
blowing through the trees,
stirring up the water gently.
Makes the day chilly,
till the sun shines down its warmth.

Surrounded by the one you love,
no need for words.
Just enjoy this time together.

A place so perfect,
you want to cry at its beauty.
How can this still exist,
in a world like this?
How could I be so lucky,
to find this place?

a portal ….a way of passage..

Your voice is unique

There is no one else who has your voice.

There is a difference between your voice and your speaking style

Use your voice to open doors

break the silence

We all have a voice

inform, persuade, and connect with other people

voices that speak those words

simply sound and rhythm

The world is full of words

Words are used for communication

a fingerprint of yourself

One of your most powerful tools

Your unique blend of description, character and style

The way you intone words, the speed you speak, the inflections you use are all part of a unique aural fingerprint that identifies you as an individual. Even though you may be saying to yourself that you hate the way you sound, I am fascinated by the variety and expressive capacity of the human voice.

I don’t want famous voices. I want voices of normal people like myself, my friends and my family. I want voices who don’t know me and voices I do not know.

to the one who captures my heart

I have never felt this way,
With any other girl before.
The feelings are phenomenal,
To hard to define their meaning.

The feelings that I have inside,
When you look me in the eyes,
And call me baby with a smile.
If only you could see yourself,
The way I see you, you’d know
Why my feelings are so deep,
Why they continue to grow.

When I look into your eyes,
I know what you say is true.
The feelings that you have for me,
May not be as great as
The ones I hold for you.

I can only hope one day,
I can treat you half as
good as you treat me.
Your name is like a star
Shimmering in the night sky.
Your face is like the brilliance
Of the moon on a dark evening.

You are my ray of hope,
My little light of life,
In my own Pandora’s box.
I am here for you now and
Will be here til the end of time.
I won’t let you go, til you
Relinquish me and my love.

Something About You…

I don’t know how to explain it,
If only you could truly see,
How much I really care for you,
How much you mean to me.

I look forward to seeing you every day,
When I see you I can’t help but smile,
There is just something about you.

When you put your hand in mine,
My heart suddenly beats faster,
I wish I could tell you right then and there,
that my life could never be better.

When you wrap your arms around me,
For a simple, gentle hug,
I want to stay in that moment forever.
There is just something about you.

No words could ever express how much you mean to me,
I hope you have these feelings for me, too;
I can’t figure out just what it is,
But there is definitely something very special about you.

You may already know…

Were you ever enchanted by a blanket of mist
Becoming a part of the ancient world
Just for a moment?

Have you ever envied the scarlet rose
Standing proud with diamonds of dew
Perfectly draped about her?

Were you witness to the duel in the realms of the heavens,
Where each contestant lashes out with brilliant sword
Causing the very earth to tremble beneath?

Have you felt so insignificant against the spectrum of light,
With a backdrop of dark thunderclouds,
While listening to the cracking thunder striking deep into the soul?

Have you smelt the burning pine,
Seen flames exposing rubies in the wine,
Perfect in their ancient, silent dance?

Has tranquility reached your deepest being,
When crimson rays reflect
Off water, into your soul?

Have you tasted the lips of the one you love,
Experienced the quiver –
The desire to forever be one, and never apart?

Then, dear friend, you know the meaning of life.

its been awhile since i wrote a poem let me know what you think or even your experiences reading it.


First love is always pure
Not caused by looks or fame
Only with it comes a hope
That that person feels the same

Even though saying I love you
Is a hard thing to do
The hardest part is not hearing
Someone say I love you too

And though I feel the pain inside
Every minute of the day
I know that someday it will end
But in my heart you’ll stay

Until the day we meet again
May it be near or far
You’ll be with me till my days are through
My love, my shining star

Drifting Away

At times, we all search for meaning in our lives, often in vain. Perhaps the answer is not to find meaning, but to give it?

I sometimes find I’m drifting
Through this life without effect;
I often wonder if I’m truly
Worth what I’ve been blessed.

I search through days that have been hard,
To try to understand,
The many trials that I have known,
The life that I have had.

You see me in my daily grind,
So confident and strong;
Yet when I am alone, I question
Just where I belong.

I often try too hard I find,
To analyze and guess,
To scrutinize, investigate
My life I will confess.

For somewhere deeper, there must be
Some meaning to this life,
Some way to make a difference,
Give a reason for this strife.

Is there some hidden meaning?
Some agenda to be found?
A greater purpose waiting
If I care to hang around?

It teases and it taunts me,
Always slightly out of sight;
A hazy vision out of reach,
Where darkness hides the light.

I struggle to bring clarity
To what awaits me there,
And yet this weak illusion
Always fades before my stare.

It seems the harder that I try,
To focus through the haze,
Just serves to add more questions,
Through my endless, tired gaze.

Perhaps I’m trying just too hard,
To understand it all,
For can we ever truly know
Just what we have in store?

Each incident, each moment passed,
Just adds upon the next,
But in the end, will I find truth …
Or will I be perplexed?

Perhaps I make it harder
Than it has to be sometimes,
But will my searching bring to me
My meaning over time?

Or will it leave me broken,
And confused as I feel now,
While questions bring no solitude,
To this, my wrinkled brow

new poem

..delivered in a desktop wallpaper =P

no sun

—–poem below—–
no sun
no public swimming pools
no lets go for ice cream
no barbecues
no girls in skirts (ok so im a guy, last time i checked that wasn’t a crime =P)
no tennis, cricket, or Frisbee by the lake
no snow yet for skiing

November, just a great month to stay in

EDIT:i fixed the hyperlink you should now be able to click on the picture and get the full size. sorry everyone took so long to realize i messed up the code it should now be fixed

you just have to choose

it was weird rained this evening just for a few minutes. i sat next to my window and listened.

Rain . . .

Softly falling down . . .
each drop a symphony of sound . . .
as it hits the roof . . .
tap . . . tap . . . tap.

It can sound just like a sad song with a slow beat . . .
the kind that makes you daydream . . .
and feel sad and sigh . . .
as you think of what might of been or could be in your life.

Or maybe it is a happy song that brings back sweet memories . . .
tender thoughts and special smiles . . .
thinking of someone who makes your heart beat faster . . .
and your laughter ring with happiness and joy.

Or maybe it is a love song . . .
with sweet and soft lyrics . . .
tender and romantic and sensual . . .
that makes you think of dancing in the rain.

Only you can decide which song . . .
is the one you are hearing . . .
which music soothes your soul . . .
and which song you want to sing along with.

Sometimes, you have to choose a song . . .
and the choosing isn’t easy