a portal ….a way of passage..

Your voice is unique

There is no one else who has your voice.

There is a difference between your voice and your speaking style

Use your voice to open doors

break the silence

We all have a voice

inform, persuade, and connect with other people

voices that speak those words

simply sound and rhythm

The world is full of words

Words are used for communication

a fingerprint of yourself

One of your most powerful tools

Your unique blend of description, character and style

The way you intone words, the speed you speak, the inflections you use are all part of a unique aural fingerprint that identifies you as an individual. Even though you may be saying to yourself that you hate the way you sound, I am fascinated by the variety and expressive capacity of the human voice.

I don’t want famous voices. I want voices of normal people like myself, my friends and my family. I want voices who don’t know me and voices I do not know.