Racing thoughts…

for the last few nights i havn’t been able to sleep at all im not completely sure why… its like im afraid to go to sleep somethings been nagging at me.. i cant seem to figure it out …ive been thinking a lot about different things, my mind has been racing with questions, thoughts, and dreams.

its like im in a daze and cant get out! like being stuck in a small room with no where to go and ill have to endure these never ending nights like i have in the past just let it run its course my thoughts will eventually come to peace after some time, but how long will i have to wait this time…once you lose sleep you will never get it back ….

2 thoughts on “Racing thoughts…

  1. I think it’s called insomnia! Ha ha.

    When’s the last time you fired up the DS and played Animal Crossing? If it’s as long as I think, you’ll have plenty of weeds. Start pulling weeds and you’ll be put to sleep in no time!

  2. yeah well maybe thats what it is i dunno. but i can usually go to sleep for awhile but i end up waking in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep

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