You may already know…

Were you ever enchanted by a blanket of mist
Becoming a part of the ancient world
Just for a moment?

Have you ever envied the scarlet rose
Standing proud with diamonds of dew
Perfectly draped about her?

Were you witness to the duel in the realms of the heavens,
Where each contestant lashes out with brilliant sword
Causing the very earth to tremble beneath?

Have you felt so insignificant against the spectrum of light,
With a backdrop of dark thunderclouds,
While listening to the cracking thunder striking deep into the soul?

Have you smelt the burning pine,
Seen flames exposing rubies in the wine,
Perfect in their ancient, silent dance?

Has tranquility reached your deepest being,
When crimson rays reflect
Off water, into your soul?

Have you tasted the lips of the one you love,
Experienced the quiver –
The desire to forever be one, and never apart?

Then, dear friend, you know the meaning of life.

its been awhile since i wrote a poem let me know what you think or even your experiences reading it.