A week in review…

well ive been busy alot lately but this last week has been a bitch! .. although tomorrow ill be free for atleast 4 days I’m going on vacation to go visit two of my best friends from college, Matt and Mindi, so ill be heading out tomorrow and wont return for 4 days ….WooHoo freedom!

also earlier this week ive been tweaking with me windows xp trying to come up with somthing to install on my portable gaming rig and i came across a tutorial to make what called tiny xp ..i could have just downloaded a iso of tiny xp but that illegal and i have a legal copy of windows xp just sitting here so i sat down and started tweaking xp and wow i must say im surprise this thing is even running

tinyxp running in Parallels Workstation

only 14 running processes

and its only using 50mb of memory talk about the ultimate gaming setup!

the tinyxp doesn’t make up for the crappy week ive had last night was the worse at work i had grumpy customers and then while stocking i ripped my pants, yeah it was just a wonderful day thats why im looking forward to the 4 day weekend/vacation that starts tomorrow!